Rules Ranjan 2023 Telugu Movie Review

Rules Ranjan Movie Review: Kiran Abbavaram has been waiting for a hit for a long time. Even though he is doing consecutive films, he did not get a proper hit. But his efforts did not stop. In this sequence, his latest movie is Rules Ranjan. As Neha Shetty also acted in it and the songs were very impressive, the expectations of the film increased. The trailer is also very impressive. This movie directed by Rathinam Krishna has hit the theaters today. Now let's see how the movie is.

Rules Ranjan Movie Story:

Mano Ranjan (Kiran Abbavaram) lives as a software in Hyderabad. He lives very strictly with the intention of growing in life. Suddenly he gets transferred to Mumbai. Vennala Kishore, a casting director for Bollywood, is there in the room. There he meets his childhood friend Sana (Neha Shetty). 

He breaks the rules and goes to pubs for her. He loves her gently. But the story takes a turn when she comes to know that the marriage is already fixed. Finally, what Mano Ranjan did, what kind of difficulties he faced, and finally, how he got married is the rest of the story.

Rules Ranjan Movie Actors Performance:

Kiran Abbavaram's role as a strict engineer in Rules Ranjan seems to be okay. But in some scenes, his performance is not up to the character. Feels a bit over-excited. And Neha Shetty did not impress much in the role of Sana. Her role does not have much scope. The highlight of the movie is Vennela Kishore's role. It is because of his role that comedy is added to the film. The rest of the cast played their roles well.

Rules Ranjan Movie Technical Performance:

The director has written a very routine story. There have been many stories about the troubles of boys falling in love with a girl whose marriage is fixed. But what matters is whether there are any new scenes in the story. There is no such thing in Rules Ranjan. The first half starts very slowly. 

Vennela Kishore's character comes and saves her when she gets bored. The whole first half goes something like that with comedy. But it must be said that the second half made the difference. Like the first part, the film would have been a hit track if it had been directed with comedy as the main theme.

Apart from that, it was boring with routine scenes. Even though there is no need in the middle, emotions are stuck and boring. In the second half, Hyper Adi, Viva Harsha, and Vennela Kishore are the mainstays of the movie. Apart from that, the story lacks much strength. Only one of Amrish's songs is impressive. BGM is fine. Duleep Kumar's MS editing has hit hard. The lag in the movie is very high.

Plus Points:


Impressive scenes here and there

Minus Points:

A story without strength

Scenes with lag

Second half


Kiran Abbavaram, who came with a routine story, has inserted comedy and emotional scenes. The comedy in it is impressive only here and there. The second half made the whole movie boring.

Movie Rating: 2/5

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