Mama Mascheendra Telugu Movie Review

Mama Mascheendra Movie Review

Rating: 1.5/5

Cast: Sudhir Babu, Esha Rebba, Mrinalini Ravi, Harsh Vardhan, 'Mirchi' Kiran, Ajay, Rajeev Kanakala, Hariteja, Shakalaka Shankar, Ali Reza and others.

Cinematography: PG Vinda

Background Music: Praveen Lakkaraju

Submitted by: Sonali Narang

Producers: Sunil Narang, Puskur Ram Mohan Rao

Story, Narration, Dialogues, Direction: Harshavardhan

Release Date: October 6, 2023

Sudheer Babu's movie 'Mama Mascheendra' in three roles. It is directed by actor and writer Harshavardhan. Sudheer Babu's three looks in this movie and promotional pictures made the audience's eyes on the movie. And, the movie?

Mama Mascheendra Movie Story

Parashuram (Sudhir Babu) turns into a stone man due to some incidents in his childhood. He does not hesitate to kill his own people for property worth hundreds of crores. He sends his man Dasu (Harshavardhan) to kill the younger sister, her husband, and her children. But... They escape. If cut...

A few years later Parashuram's daughter Visalakshi (Esha Rebba) falls in love with Durga (Sudhir Babu), a rowdy in Visakha. Meenakshi (Mrinalini Ravi), a servant's daughter who came to Hyderabad for a job, falls in love with a famous DJ (Sudhir Babu). 

Knowing this... Parashuram suspects that the nephews who were born with his likeness have started a new drama in the name of love to take revenge. Is that true? Or is it just his imagination? Who attempted to kill Parashuram? What is the truth that Parasuram and Dasu have hidden from each other regarding their daughters? When did they know that? What finally happened? is the rest of the movie.

Mama Mascheendra Movie Analysis

Harshavardhan's track record as a writer has many achievements. 'Manam' with its complicated screenplay has written good dialogue without confusing the audience. He wrote beautiful love scenes in the movies Gundejari Gallatayinde' and 'Chinndana Nee Pao'. A film directed by him means that the audience has minimum expectations. And, looking at how 'Mama Mashchindra' is doing...

No matter how skilled a cook is, one should not try to show one's talent in just one dish. If you try... There's a risk of the actual cooking getting steamed. If you eat a lot of sweets, you will get sugar. Also... The audience will get confused if the twists are good or bad in the story. The same happened in the case of 'Mama Mascheendra'.

Are the actors new in 'Mama Maschindra'? That means no. The movie starts with 'Ala Vaikunthapuramulo'. The twist was further stretched. Even after that, there are many twists. What happens sometimes? There are scenes that make the audience laugh and think.

One shock after another makes it difficult to understand the story. Was it fixed before that the hero should be shown in three or four looks, or that there should be so many twists in the film?!? Failed to take the story forward interestingly. Harshavardhan's strength is comedy! Entertainment is good in his movies. 

But, the laughing scenes in this movie can be counted on fingers. Why did the heroine fall for a hero like Laddu Babu? Why is there a change in the hero in the flag scenes? Why such a strong grudge against the nephews? Such things are not said convincingly. He took cinematic liberty and wrote some scenes.

The songs and background music are not impressive. PG Vinda has done low-budget films before but the camera work was like a big-budget film. But this movie doesn't have that feeling. Watching the movie gives a feeling of being wrapped in less.

Mama Mascheendra Movie Actors Performance

Sudhir Babu played three roles. Good in regular look. Showed a packed body as always. Neither Laddu Babu's makeup nor that look was set for him. Even the old getup! Moreover... dubbing the role with someone other than Sudheer Babu is not good either. Sudhir Babu looked uncomfortable in the movie.

Esha Rebba, Mrinalini Ravi... Both heroines' roles are routine! Their performance in their respective roles! Harshavardhan was more impressed as an actor than as a director and writer. Rajeev Kanakala, 'Mirchi' Kiran, Hariteja, and Ajay acted to the best of their ability due to the character design. 'Shakalaka' Shankar appeared as Ram Gopal Varma.

Finally, Sudhir Babu has a habit of showing perfection in terms of packed body & style. It would have been better to have taken care of the old age get-up. Starting & ending... Harshvardhan has failed as a director and writer if some comedy scenes are missed in between. Another flop on Sudhir Babu's account!

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