Mad 2023 Telugu Movie Review

MAD Movie Review: The movie that comes to our mind as a college background story in Telugu is Happy Days directed by Shekhar Kammula. In this movie, Shekhar Kammula succeeded greatly by adding very nice emotions on what engineering college life is like to the audience. However, only a few of those films achieved success. Many movies flopped. Let's find out what the status of Mad movie released by them in the same way...

MAD Movie Story:

Even if they are engineering college students, some students have a point of view that they should enjoy every moment in their life. Manoj (Ram Nitin), Ashok (Narne Nitin), and Damodar (Sangeet Shobhan) are three of them who are facing every situation in college. They adapt to them and enjoy their college life to the fullest. In this movie, the director tries to tell the story of the relationship between them in a very good way in the form of comedy.

MAD Movie Analysis:

Although all the actresses and actors who acted in this movie are newcomers, they have given a very grand entry into the industry as actors, acting very well. Kalyan Shankar, the director of this movie, touched some point in every scene and took the movie forward by handling the emotions of the audience well. He has largely succeeded in showing us what engineering students are like. Among the artists, Sangeet Shobhan, Vishnu who acted as a comedian, and some other artists also took this movie forward without being boring...

But there are some adult dialogues in this movie which we were shown in the trailer itself, so we were told beforehand that this movie is going to have adult dialogues. So, the audience who is going to watch the movie will understand it in advance and will be ready to watch the movie. So, the director prepares them before the audience by telling them that the movie is going to be like this and the director asks them to sit in the theater.

But the special care taken by the director of the film is that he has written dialogues targeting the youth, but it must be said that this film will be liked by all age groups apart from students...especially students will connect well. Also, the way the director has shown the batch of students is good. It should be said that Ram Nithin and Narne Nithin, who played the key roles in this movie, have given very good performances in terms of acting. 

Although this was their debut movie for both of them, they showed their level of acting without hesitation. They have entered into those characters and acted in such a way that everyone thinks that students are like this... In this movie, either in a scene where the students talk about the greatness of the students, or in a scene where the hero proposes to the heroine, everyone is very connected and whistles and claps...

The plus point in this movie is Kalyan Shankar's direction. He is very clear about the extent of the scene taken by him and how to convert it to the audience. Bheem's music could be more impressive in terms of songs, but the background score is very good. Also, the cinematography is amazing, and the way each shot is shown in the camera is amazing.

Two cinematographers Dinesh Krishnan and Shyam Dutt worked on this movie.

The editor Naveen Nooli also did his work very well and tried his best to give the movie the best output...Also, the production values of this movie are amazing...and the minus point in this movie is that the story routine is like a youth full entertainer...

Finally, those who love youth films and also accept adult dialogues can watch this film and enjoy it.

And our rating for this movie is 2.5

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