Skanda Movie Review | Starring Ram Pothineni and Sreeleela and Directed by Boyapati Srinu

Skanda Movie Review: This film is produced by Srinivasa Chitturi under the banner of Srinivasa Silver Screen. Thaman has provided the music. The already released posters, songs, teaser, and trailer are all very impressive. With this, the expectations of the movie have increased hugely... Moreover, this movie has been released in the Pan India range... And let's find out in the review to what extent this movie, which came before the audience today, has impressed the audience.


Skanda Movie Story:

Ram's father who lives in a small village in Rayalaseema has a good reputation in the town. He helps the people and fights for justice. Ram is also a similar character... and Sreeleela is a rich landlord's daughter. A good active girl... These two are also attracted to each other and love each other. But it will be a crime for their loving families. 

Ram's father does not accept Sreeleela's family... Sreeleela's father does not accept Ram's family. As the two families are enemies, they decide to keep their children apart. In this process, Ram will face unexpected consequences. He has to face many challenges and enemies ... how Ram faced them ... Whether he got Sreeleela's love or not you have to watch the movie to know...

Skanda Movie Analysis:

The heroism of Boyapati Mark Maas is seen throughout the movie. Mass moments are impressive in a range. Also, there are plenty of things that will appeal to the family audience... Ram's dialogues are especially pleasing. The first love track is fun and enjoyable with comedy scenes with the heroine. Also, the dance of Ram and Sreeleela is amazing... It can be said that the audience will come repeatedly just to see their dance. And if the interval is black, then it is sure to give birth to seconds...

Boyapati's mass power is seen there... No need to talk about the background music... It can be said that the theaters are resounding with Taman's music.

Boyapati directed the First Half with a love track and comedy and also showed family emotions in the second half... The second half is still good compared to the First Half. It can be said that Boyapati has given mass entertainment by adding mass elements and emotions to a simple story.

Skanda Movie Actors Performance:

Ram Pothineni's dance and Sreeleela's beauty can be said to be plus points for the movie Abhinayam. Hero and heroine pair .. and their performance is also pleasing. Also, Sai Manjrekar, Srikanth, Gauthami, Indraja, and Prince entertained with their performance... the rest tried to impress to the extent of the scope. 

And when it comes to the technical matters of the director.. Boyapati entertains the audience with his mark action. He tried... Thaman's music is also a highlight.. Santhosh Ditke's cinematography and Tammiraju's editing are also good. The film's production values are entertaining. Overall, though it was shot by Boyapati-Ram combo, except for a few scenes here and there, it can be said that there are plenty of things that will impress the audience.

And after Ram ki Smart Shankar, that range has not been hit till now. It remains to be seen whether this movie will be a huge hit and Sreeleela is likely to continue as a top heroine in the industry for many years.

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