Bro 2023 Telugu Movie Review, starring Pawan Kalyan and Sai Dharam Tej

Bro: Movie Review

Rating: 3/5

Starring: Pawan Kalyan, Sai Tej, Ketika Sharma, Priya Prakash Warrier, Rohini, Subbaraju, Raja, 'Vennela' Kishore, Tanikella Bharani, Prithvi Raj, Yuvalakshmi, Ali Reza and others.

Narration: Trivikram Srinivas

Cinematography: Sujith Vasudev

Music: S.S. Thaman

Co-Producer: Vivek Kuchibhotla

Production Companies: People Media Factory, Zee Studios

Producer: T.G. Vishwa Prasad

Story, Direction: Samudrakhani

Release Date: July 28, 2023

Power Star Pawan Kalyan and his nephew Sai Dharam Tej acted in the movie 'Bro'. The origin of this is 'Vinodaya Seetha', which was taken by Samudrakhani in Tamil. Trivikram wrote the words and screenplay in Telugu. How is this movie?

Bro Movie Story

Mark alias Markandeulu (Sai Tej) is the eldest son of the house. When his father died when he was young, he shouldered all the responsibilities of the family. He is always busy as if he has no real time. While coming from Visakha to Hyderabad for office work, the car meets with an accident. Mark's soul comes down to earth after Titan alias Time (Pawan Kalyan) gives him another chance. 

What happened then? What is the story of Mark's younger sister Veena (Priya Prakash Varrier)? What did the other sister and brother do? What happened to Mark's crush Ramya (Ketika Sharma)? What is the role of Amma (Rohini)? Finally, what did Mark learn? It should be seen on the screen.

Bro Movie Analysis

Pawan Kalyan's movie has certain expectations among the audience and more importantly among the fans. It seems that the movie 'Bro' was made with them in mind. Starting to Ending... Every scene in which Pawan Kalyan appears is designed for fans.

Pawan's looks, Pawan's dress, Pawan's shoes, Pawan's dialogues, Pawan's songs... Every time Pawan comes on screen, it is a power-packed performance. A vintage power star appeared. He carried the film on his shoulders. Apart from him... Sai Tej's entry, but some scenes seem a bit contrived. Although the time is short... the Sai Dharam Tej scenes before Pawan Kalyan's entry could have been shot more effectively.

There is fun in 'Bro'. Those scenes will impress the fans. Soso is emotional. It would have been better if the emotion was worked out before the pre-climax song to a climax. There is a strong conflict in Sai Tej's character. It was not properly invented. The scenes where he thinks that he has done a lot for his family and that the family hid some things from him, the scene where he feels that he did not get a promotion at work, the scenes where he comes to his girlfriend when he wants to keep her away, but the depth is missing.

Samudrakhani is not entirely successful in bringing out strong conflict and emotions to reach the audience. Maybe... due to hasty picking!? Some people like the comedy of the first half, while others like the emotions of the second half. In the story, there is a feeling of lack of consistency in the narration, something is missing. It cannot be said that it is completely good. It cannot be said that there is no child.

Taman songs are ok. However, he has given more wonderful songs in the past. Hence, the expectations among the audience have increased. It is difficult for them to receive these songs. But... Sai Tej's flashback song before the pre-climax is good. The scene brings tears. Taman showed his mark in background music. Oh hi, every time the 'Bro' theme song plays in the background. 

Also, the songs of Pawan Kalyan's old movies will be high for the fans. But... I think it would be good to do new songs. The cinematography by Sujeeth Vasudev is good. Trivikram misses the mark in words and screenplay. Few words are impressive. The production values of People Media Factory and Zee Studios are okay.

Bro Movie Actors Performance

Although the original hero of 'Bro' is Sai Tej... Pawan Kalyan is the reason why this movie got so much craze! 'Bro' offers full meals to fans who go to theaters for Power Star. It's like Pawan has gone back 20 years... if vintage songs are coming on the screen! Also, he showed energy in acting. He looked very smart on screen. Pawan Kalyan has done justice to his character.

Sai Tej as Mark is ok. After the accident, he got a bit drunk. The change will be visible on the screen. Dances were also done soso. As an actor, he did emotional scenes well. Ketika Sharma appeared in the song and some scenes. She played a regular commercial heroine role as Sai Tej's girlfriend. Priya Prakash did a surprise appearance in the role of Warrior's younger sister. He gave a settled performance in emotional scenes. As a mother, Rohini once again showed her experience in doing emotional scenes.

Finally what? : 'Bro' is for Pawan Kalyan fans. There is a message in the movie. The way the message is conveyed is good. The message is thought-provoking as you walk out of the theatres. Pawan's energy is full of energy. Can go to theaters for Pawan. A movie that will satisfy Pawan fans. If the youth like comedy, the message, and emotional scenes will impress the older people.

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