Baby 2023 Telugu Movie Review, Starring Anand Devarakonda, Viraj Ashwin, Vaishnavi Chaitanya


Baby Movie Review: Vijay Deverakonda's brother Anand Deverakonda is the hero, YouTube star Vaishnavi Chaitanya is the heroine, and the movie Baby is directed by Sai Rajesh. The film, jointly produced by Maruti and SKN, has created a good buzz since its announcement. 

After that, what are the posters, trailer, and teaser released from the movie? Almost all have raised expectations of the film. Recently, this movie has been released with huge hype among small movies. Originally it was supposed to release on Friday but paid premieres were shown in Telugu states a day earlier. Let's find out how the movie is in the review.

Baby Movie Story:

Anand (Anand Devarakonda) and Vaishnavi (Vaishnavi Chaitanya) live opposite each other in a slum in Hyderabad. Vaishnavi falls in love with Anand when she is studying in class 10. At first, Anand doesn't care but slowly he also falls in love with Vaishnavi. But if Anand fails Tenth and keeps pushing auto, Vaishnavi somehow completes Inter and joins B.Tech. 

Thinking that she has to travel a long distance to the college, Anand not only drops her at the college every day in an auto but also says that the distance between them should not increase, Anand pawns his car and buys a new smartphone for both of them. But Vaishnavi, who joined the college, with the encouragement of her friends there, not only increased her attention to beauty but also increased her attraction to things. 


Slowly the distance between Anand and Vaishnavi increases but also a third person named Viraj (Viraj Ashwin) comes between them. Vaishnavi also gets attracted to Viraj while saying that she loves Anand. Vaishnavi gets close to Viraj, who loves her as he wishes by giving her a surprise gift every day. There are situations where she is torn between Anand whom she loves on one side and Viraj who loves her on the other side. And among these two, who is closer to Vaishnavi? Did Vaishnavi distance Viraj? Did Vaishnavi meet with Anand? In the end, who got the Vaishnavi? That is the story of the movie.

Baby Movie Analysis:

The story of the movie Baby is nothing new, it is a triangle love story that we hear all the time in the news. I feel that Sai Rajesh has written this story based on the actual situations happening these days and what is heard in the news. One wonders if Sairajesh, who has previously made movies like Hrudaya Kejalar and Kokonjamatta, has written this story. 

In a word, how are the mental conditions of the youth today? How easily do you fall in love? Even if you are in love, how can you fall for the juggling of other people's words? He showed me that everyone is different, but I am different, but I am different, but I am different. He made it very clear that they are doing wrong while thinking that they are not doing wrong. 

Anand Devarakonda and Viraj Ashwin were advertised as heroes in this movie, but the hero of the entire movie is Vaishnavi. That's why the title seems to focus on her and put it as Baby. Actually, triangle love stories are not new to the Telugu audience but this movie feels a bit different. The climax is not convincing but there is no doubt that it will be a movie that will connect well with the youth. 

It seemed like Sai Rajesh had broken the pot saying that if you focus on life as a whole if you are with girls, you will not achieve anything but getting lost. There is no doubt that everyone's first love story will come to mind while watching this movie, as the unit of the movie is saying from the front. Because the booths are heavily used, it is not a movie that can be watched with the family but only with friends. But Love is definitely a must-watch movie whether it is now or in the past.

Baby Movie Actors Performance:

Anand Deverakonda suits the role of Anand perfectly. Parineeti was seen in Ananda's performance compared to previous films. Anand Deverakonda lived his life as a man who would go to any lengths for the girl he loved without any taint. Vaishnavi Chaitanya has done justice to the role of Vaishnavi. She acted in her own style as if the original role of Baby was written for her. 


In fact, we have already said that she is the hero of this movie, similarly, she led the entire movie on her shoulders. Her performance as an ordinary Basti girl who falls in love with Viraj while loving Anand on the other side is impressive. Although this is her first film as a heroine, she acted in such a way that she felt aura without faltering at all. Viraj Ashwin also did justice to his role. 

Nagababu, Vaiva Harsha, Satvik Anand, Kirak Sita, and Lireesha Koonapareddy acted to the extent of their roles and did justice to their respective roles. When it comes to technicians, Sai Rajesh as a director tried to give his hundred percent. However, although the slow narration seems awkward, he has taken a lot of care in terms of dialogue and screenplay. 

Most of the dialogues are funny on the one hand and thought-provoking on the other. Especially Vaishnavi Chaitanya's dialogue which says that girls beat on the heart but the quotations written on the back of the auto are thought-provoking. The special asset of the movie is the music.

The music by Vijay Bulganin took the film to another level. The background score but a few songs elevate the movie completely. The background score has elevated the performance of the actors. L Reddy's camera work is impressive throughout. Most of them are impressively shot with good frames. However, the length of the film is likely to be a minus point, so it seems that little more work should have been done on the editing table.

Plus points

  • Vaishnavi Chaitanya
  • Interval bang
  • Dialogues
  • Music

Minus points

  • length
  • Some bold word experiments

Bottom line

Baby Movie: Only for youth, a must-watch movie for lovers who are in love.

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