Chakravyuham The Trap 2023 Telugu Movie Review, Starring: Ajay, Gnaneshwari Kandregula, Vivek Trivedi and others


Chakravyuham: Movie Review

Rating: 2.5/5

Starring: Ajay, Gnaneshwari Kandregula, Vivek Trivedi, Urvashi Pardesi, Pragya Nayan, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Rajeev Kanakala, Priya, Srikanth Iyengar, Kiriti, Raj Thirandasu and others.

Cinematography: Jeevee Ajay

Music: Bharat Manchiraju

Co-producers: Venkatesh, Anusha

Producer: Smt. Savitri

Written and Directed by: Chetkuri Madhusudhan

Release Date: June 2, 2023

Ajay (Actor) acted in the lead role in the movie 'Chakravyuham: The Trap' (Chakravyuham The Trap Movie). Gnaneshwari Kandregula of 'Mr and Miss' fame played the SI role in this. While Vivek Trivedi and Siri acted as hero heroines... Pragya Nayan, Rishi, Sudesh, and others played key roles. How is this movie (Chakravyuham Movie Review)?

Chakravyuham Movie Story

Sanjay (Vivek Trivedi) is an orphan. A friendship with Sarath (Sudesh) changes his life. Meet Sarath's family friend Siri (Urvashi Pardesi) and marry her. Sarath and Sanjay start a construction business together. When everything seems to be happy, Siri is murdered. Before her case can be unraveled, Sarath becomes the target of murder. Who is behind the murders of Siri and Sarath? How did CI Satya (Ajay) solve this case? What is Siri's family background? What finally happened? You have to watch the movie to know.


Chakravyuham The Trap Movie Review

There is one formula that is followed by the majority of the directors who make thriller films. Especially in the case of murder mysteries! Who did the murder? What is the reason for that? is to maintain suspense by not revealing it till the end! 'Chakravyuham' director Chetkuri Madhusudhan also followed the same formula.

'Chakravyuham' will be an interesting start. However, after a while, it goes into a regular & routine format. The investigation process does not move forward for a long time! It moves here and there. However, after the interval, the story was taken forward with twists that were beyond the imagination of the audience. The characters who were seen normally until then... will look different after the interval. Is there such a conspiracy behind each one? It seems.

The film is made with the storyline that if there is no love, infatuation with someone will make you fall into any kind of atrocity. The second half of starting scenes attracts a mass audience. Whistles blow in theatres. Those are the scenes that give a different meaning to the 'drink coffee' dialogue! Another twist was given when the Shubham card was expected to fall. 

That is very close to the important point in Raghava Lawrence's recent 'Rudra'! The director has written good twists... It would have been better if he had reduced the length in the first half and taken the movie forward in a racy way. A stronger & new story for those twists would have resulted in a blockbuster. Music is ok. The production values are in line with the story.

Chakravyuham Movie Actors Performance

Earlier police officer characters were done by Ajay. Doing such roles is his forte. He acted brilliantly. CI carried the body language and acting required for the role of Satya. After Ajay, Pragya Nayan will attract more attention from the audience. Her character is set like that. She also got the scope to show glamor scenes and villainy. 

Shilpa is perfectly set in the role. Rajeev Kanakala, Srikanth Iyengar, Subhalekha Sudhakar, and Priya's roles are short. They did well as long as they were. Vivek Trivedi and Urvashi Pardesi are okay as Sanjay. Both are new actors so it takes time to connect. Dnyaneshwari tried a role that had an acting scope rather than sensual glamour.

Finally what? : Although the first half is in the regular thriller format... the twists in the second half are impressive. After the interval, the director worked out his magic. The lead given to the sequel is good. It created more curiosity about Ajay's character. You can feel the thrill if you go without any expectations.

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