Mem Famous 2023 Telugu Movie Review, Starring Sumanth Prabhas, Mani Egurla, Maurya Chaudhary and Others

Mem Famous

Movie Review: Mem Famous

Cast: Sumanth Prabhas, Mani Egurla, Maurya Chaudhary, Sarya, Siri Rasi, Narendra Ravi, Muralidhar Goud, Kiran Maccha, Anjimama, Shiva Nandan

Written and Directed by: Sumanth Prabhas

Producers: Anurag Reddy, Sarath Chandra, Chandra Manohar

Banners: Chai Biscuit Films, Lahari Films

Music by: Kalyan Nayak

DVP: Shyam Dupati

Mem Famous Movie is one of the short films that have aroused the most interest among the Telugu audience with promotions in recent times. Sumanth Prabhas starrer Mem Famous movie directed by Sumanth Prabhas has come to the audience this Friday (today).

Saryalaxman, Mani Egurla, and Maurya played the lead roles in this movie. How is Mem Famous movie made as an out-and-out entertainer in Telangana backdrop? Did Sumanth Prabhas as a hero and director please the Telugu audience with this short film? Or? To know that, you have to go to the story...

Mem Famous Movie Story:

Mahesh (Sumanth Prabhas), Durga (Mani Egurla) and Balakrishna (Maurya) from Bandanarsampally are best friends. They grow up together from childhood. The three of them wander around the village without any work, quarreling with each other. Family members also hate them along with villagers.

Mem Famous

Due to some circumstances, Mahesh, Durga, and Balakrishna, who thought of living in their own village with dignity, put up their own tenthouse. But in case of fire, the tenthouse gets burnt. Debt is burdensome. Along with paying off that debt, they start making YouTube videos to become famous. Did the three young people's dream of becoming famous come true?

Did Mahesh leave Durga and go to the city for his beloved Bubby and did Balakrishna come back to the village? Did Mahesh negate the challenge to his uncle that he will marry Maunika Maradalu after solving the problems of that village? Or? That is the story of this movie (Mem Famous Movie Review).

Mem Famous Movie Analysis:

Director Sumanth Prabhas has written this story with the point that if you encourage the talent in the youth without discouraging them, they will create miracles. It seems that Sumanth Prabhas wrote this story after taking inspiration from the lives of some village youths who became popular in a short time through social media and YouTube.

Mem Famous has screened the movie by weaving love along with entertainment around the small point. A big plus is that the film is a completely realistic approach. Along with the heroines, every character seen in the film is similar to the people we see in the villages. In terms of dialogues, importance has been given to naturalness rather than cinematography.

Mem Famous

The fun has worked out well from the opening scenes with Mahesh, Durga, and Balakrishna turning into July, their enjoyment and quarrels. Emotions ripened in the running of the tenthouse and the difficulties faced by the three who were realized due to the circumstances.

All the trouble they go through to make second-half YouTube videos is laughable. It is good to run the love story of the cousins parallel to the main story. For the love story, the director's talent is seen in the pre-climax scenes that link the hero's goal. Gorati Venkanna's song in the second half also helped the movie.

There is no strong emotion in Mem Famous's story. The entire first half feels like the story revolves around a single point with repeated scenes. In the second half, the scenes of the hero and team making YouTube trending videos are boring. Comedy is the main strength of such movies. Sumanth Prabhas failed as he made people laugh from start to end with occasional sparkles. Climax (Mem Famous Movie Review) feels rushed.

Mem Famous Movie Actors Performance:

Sumanth Prabhas' acting mannerisms as Mahesh, a young man, are good. Mani Egurla and Maurya who acted as his friends showed natural acting. Sarya Laxman as the hero Maradali and Sira Rashi as Bubby are convincing in their roles. Muralidhar Goud, Anjimama, and Narendra Ravi were impressed with the comedy timing.

Mem Famous Movie Review

Mem is a famous time-pass comedy entertainer. This is a movie that focuses more on comedy than story. This movie will please those who want entertainment without thinking about logic and story.

Rating: 2.5/5

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