Fast X 2023 Telugu Dubbed Hollywood Action Movie Review, starring Vin Diesel, Jason Statham Jason Momoa and Others

Fast X

Fast X Movie Review: the roar of the Engines. The wheels whizzed on the hot asphalt. The road stands out on the horizon and becomes a friend, confidant, and safe place. The heart goes in rhythm with the crackling of the exhaust and the smell of petrol that transforms into the best perfume in the world. The races, the freedom, the adrenaline. 

Living life "a quarter of a mile at a time" are the elements that have made Fast and Furious, since its debut in 2001, the most exciting and exciting motor saga ever, capable of transmitting intense vibrations, as if really was running the race of life, through electrifying images and an iconic protagonist: Dominic Toretto.

Who hasn't dreamed of drifting since then? Of hurtling at more than 200 kilometers per hour around the world, while your breath merges with the rough sound coming from a V12 from a Lamborghini or a V6 from a Dodge Charger? This franchise has been able to influence the automotive culture and to excite, even more, many lovers of the sector to customized cars. And that now, in all his explosive nature, he is ready to greet the many fans who have been faithful to him for more than twenty years.

Fast X, directed by Louis Leterrier and written by Justin Lin and Dan Mazeau, is in fact the beginning of the last run of Dom and his Fast Family, the conclusion of which will take place with the eleventh and final chapter. A farewell that, in reality, will never be such given the impact that the saga has had on the film industry, so much so as to make it very popular and immortal. Fast X, which among other things had its world premiere in Rome, arrives in Italian cinemas on May 18, distributed by Universal Pictures.

Fast X

Fast X Movie Plot:

In a flashback ten years ago to the present of the story, Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) and Brian O'Conner killed a very powerful man, drug lord Hernan Reyes (Joaquim de Almeida), in Rio de Janeiro. His son Dante (Jason Momoa), immediately after his father's death, has been meditating revenge for years, and now his diabolical plan is ready to be implemented: his goal is to make Dom suffer, starting from the people he loves i.e. his family. 

Dante's madness will push the Fast Family to scatter around the world, some in Rome, others in London, still, others will end up in the secret cells of the Agency they work for in Antarctica. But the plans they think of at a certain point change when they discover who Dante's real target is: little Brian, son of Dominic. Each member of the team will therefore have to join forces to prevent Reyes from getting to him.

Fast X Movie Analysis:

“Feel the car and fly”, Dominic says to his “little B”, while he, very small, is trying to learn the art of drifting. It is the connection between car and driver, the trust placed in one's four-wheeled companion, that constitutes the backbone, the narrative soul of the Fast & Furious saga, and that shines even more in Fast X. 

The first images, preceded by the long-awaited flashback in memory of Paul Walker, seal its deep meaning with a beautiful father-son moment, becoming emblematic. All that Dominic wants to leave Brian as a legacy is his passion for engines, to introduce him to that specific language from which the intense and visceral bond with the car starts, in a mutual transmission of love and devotion.

Fast X

It's a matter of perfect alignment, the same one that brought Dominic and the rest of the group together, making them become a family. A well-matched, heterogeneous, but also dysfunctional family (as Helen Mirren says in a press conference), which over time has found itself facing impossible missions, even space, never ceasing however to be united, but rather finding, in difficult times, the push needed to reunite with the light. 

This concept, which has permeated the saga since the first film, is reaffirmed in Fast X and strengthened: now the stakes are much higher and push the members of the Fast Family to fight to save the only innocent and "uncontaminated" of the story: Dominic's son.

Fast X: Dante, the best villain of the saga

Up until now, every pretext that triggered the action has been explosive and daring, but it had never reached such a crucial point for the Torettos as happens in Fast X. If the family, in general, is a precious asset and sacred, a child specifically is an untouchable gift. The only one was able to question a whole life, even sacrificing it. And it is on this feeling that the entire film plays, from beginning to end, and in which everyone will reach their point of no return in order to destroy the new villain, Dante, played by a masterful Jason Momoa.

The Hawaiian actor puts on a perfect performance, setting the correct caricatured tone that the character requires, and giving him the right nuance and pace to make him one of the best and most layered antagonists the franchise has ever had. Crazy, ruthless, disturbing, and mentally unstable, Momoa's Dante comes very close to the Joker's fluctuating personality, returning to a complex, three-dimensional, and fascinating villain. 

Fast X

The public is captivated by his cruelty which is the consequence of a past made up of insecurities, humiliation, and suffering. His preening hides the desperate need to receive the love that his father, an enemy of Toretto and O 'Conner, never gave him when he was alive.

Dante's every move seems like a show prepared at the table to be spectacular and excessive, and whenever he is on stage, Momoa manages to let his psychological disorders leak through incisive and sharp expressions. There is everything in his eyes: redemption, loss, sense of inferiority, shame, anger, disappointment. 

Dante dances his dance of sadness between the hills of Rome and the streets of Rio de Janeiro, channeling his furious anger against Toretto for reasons very different from what Fast X would have you believe: Dominic is loved by his family. He means something to them. He is everything Dante would like to be and will never be.

Fast X Movie is Pure entertainment, with lots of action

But beyond its psychological and content layer, Fast X is pure action. All films are, although the tone of the entire saga has changed over the years and the adrenaline transmitted by Dominic's famous illegal races has given way to the heist movie, complete with espionage, intrigue, and survival. A mixture of genres has given the films much more vivacity, making them more bombastic and turbulent, in a positive sense.

Fast X

In the first act, Fast X also seems to bend to the survival movie, with Rome threatened by a fireball that could make the whole city explode, starting from the Vatican. Your breath remains suspended until the final scene, and in the meantime, you can taste fights, escapes, and challenges to the last breath. 

The action sequences are well-studied and choreographed, and Fast & Furious is now well-established in this. The physicality of Michelle Rodriguez and Vin Diesel is felt throughout, but also the rest of the supporting actors – starting with Jason Statham – give a physical performance worthy of the characters in a cinecomic.

Hyperrealism is not lacking, and some scenes of Dominic Toretto seem really impossible to believe (since when did he become Superman?), Yet the suspension of disbelief is all there. We are used to this too. And the truth is that if it weren't like this, we wouldn't be watching Fast & Furious with the same liquid gaze that has accompanied us for years and our stomachs wouldn't knot with emotion. Everything in Fast X is everything audiences expect to find. And so it must be.

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