Agent 2023 Telugu Movie Starring Akhil Akkineni Movie Review, Directed by Surender Reddy


Agent Movie Review: Akkineni family heroes have a romantic image. However, Akhil Akkineni said that he likes action movies. Not only that... He became a wild action hero for 'Agent' (Agent Movie). Packed six. Changed hairstyle. How is this movie directed by Surender Reddy starring Mammootty (Agent Review)?

Agent Movie Story

Ricky alias Ramakrishna (Akhil Akkineni) wants to become an agent of 'Raw'. He writes the exam three times without telling me at home. He gets rejected in the interview three times. 'Raw' chief devil alias Mahadev (Mammootty) hacks the system for no profit. Rikki's work gets Mahadev noticed but he doesn't get the job. Meanwhile, Rikki falls in love with Vaidya (Sakshi Vaidya). 

Mahadev said that Ricky does not have a single trait to be an agent... Why did he choose Ricky to kill God alias Dharma (Dino Morea), who worked for him in the past and then turned under the Rebel and became a great threat to the country? After the mission begins, what dangers does Ricky face when he ignores Mahadev's orders? Why did he kill Central Minister Jayakishan (Sampat Raj)? Answers to such questions should be known by watching the movie.

Agent Movie Analysis

There is a criticism that all the films coming in the background of Raw Agents (Spy) are almost the same. In every movie, the hero who does not hesitate to give his life for the country, the enemies whose main goal is the destruction of India, and organizations like 'Raw' (intelligence) whose goal is to stop them!


Even though the stories and storylines are the same in 'Ra' movies... the only emotion that keeps you sitting till the end in the theaters is patriotism. If it can bring out strong patriotism in the audience... the movie will be a hit. Recent 'Pathan' is an example of that. The mention of that movie is because... If you see some scenes and characters in 'Agent', you will remember Shahrukh's movie. Before the release of 'Pathan', 'Agent' started. Coincidence or otherwise... there are some similarities between the two films.

Leaving aside all the movies that came in the background of Gudhachari... it is difficult to be impressed by watching 'Agent'. It seems that the film was made not with patriotism, but with too little regard for the Indian intelligence system. How does our 'RAW' (Research and Analysis Wing) work? There is no minimum research done by the director and writers. 

If it's not a comedy...what is it that the traitors see everything happening in the 'RAW' head office as if they saw the CCTV footage? What is the helicopter landing in front of the 'Raw' office? Some aspects are hard to swallow, no matter how many cinematic liberties have been taken. At least... if the focus was on the stories rather than the action scenes that came in the background of Raw before this, it would have been a better story!

Akhil Akkineni has been presented stylishly by director Surender Reddy. It can be said that this is a stylish action film among the films he has made so far. But, the story pulls that style back. The film was made with a very routine, logic-less, soul-less, and emotion-less story. At no stage do these stories and scenes bring out the patriotism in us. Don't get emotional. The hero's mission did not seem exciting.


Songs and background music are soso. Rasul Ellore's cinematography is very neat and stylish. Producer Anil Sunkara does not hesitate to spend gold in every scene. The feeling is that first off is okay. But, the second half is troubling. Hero characterization has been tried a little bit new. Some of the action episodes are good.

Agent Movie Actors Performance

Akhil Akkineni's struggle for 'Agent' is seen on screen. The packed body and hairstyle will impress the fans and the audience. He also appeared as an actor. What is new about Mammootty? It was done according to the scope of the role. His experience and image as an actor elevated the character. Dino Morea's performance as the Devil is regular though... set.

Sakshi Vaidya's character is limited to only three songs and four or five scenes. It doesn't matter as long as she is an actress. Dressing and attitude are modern. Looks like commercial heroine material. The Telangana accent for Sakshi Vaidya's role is not set. It is forced. Murali Sharma, Sampath Raj, Posani Krishna Murali, Bharat Reddy, and others did not get a chance to act. They went on doing two or three scenes.

Varalakshmi Sarathkumar's character is a junior artiste. She has no importance in the story and scenes. Some of the headlines will appear familiar to the audience. However, it is difficult to remember them when they come out of the theater.

Finally what?: 'Agent' is a film that gives the feeling of seeing the scenes of spy movies on the silver screen once again. There is nothing new in this. Akhil Adaragotti in terms of makeover and physical transformation... the movie disappoints. Akhil fans and action film lovers should go to theaters with low expectations. It was difficult to give Akhil the desired action image, a solid success 'Agent'.

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