Rangamarthanda (Ranga Maarthaanda) 2023 Telugu Movie Detailed Review


Rangamarthanda Movie Review: Krishna Vamsi has brought the stories of human relations, connections, and the Telugu language to the audience. In every movie, they tried to tell something good and give a message to the audience. Society is the subject of his films. For some years now, Krishnavansi fans have been unhappy that no film of his caliber is coming out. 

At such a moment Marathi movie 'Natasamrat' was remade in Telugu. It stars Brahmanandam, Prakash Raj, and Ramya Krishnan in lead roles. It will hit theaters on the 22nd of this month on the occasion of Ugadi. However, they have been premiering for a few days. Everyone who has seen the movie is saying it is excellent. Some are crying. Actually, how is the film (Ranga Maarthaanda Review)?

Rangamarthanda Movie Story

Stage artist Raghavrao (Prakash Raj) appreciates his talent and confers the title of 'Rangamarthanda' on him. His retirement will be announced at the function. The house built with love is written in the name of daughter-in-law Geetha Ranga Rao (Anasuya). The girl is not only given fixed deposits to Sri (Shivathmika Rajasekhar) but is married to the boy she loves Rahul (Rahul Sipliganj). 

He wants to spend the rest of his life happily. However, it happens differently. Daughter-in-law doesn't like what the father-in-law does. With that, Raghavrao gets ready to go to the village as per the wish of Mrs. Rajugaru (Ramyakrishna). Knowing that the daughter takes her parents to her home. 

What happened after that? What happened at the girl's house? What is the role of best friend Chakri alias Chakraborty (Brahmanandam) in Raghavrao's life? What did he do? What happened in the end? It should be seen on the silver screen.


Rangamarthanda Movie Analysis

'Happiness... an interval between two tragedies' - this is the interval card written by Krishnavamshi. Where is the happiness in the life of the protagonist on screen? At every step he is insulted by the heifer at home, it is a tragedy!! Some may think 'it's natural, it happens in every home'. 

But till then, Prakash Raj's portrayal of that tragedy on screen gives me joy. A great actor has once again got a great role! At that time no one could have imagined that there would be an eruption after a rest. In the second half, Krishwamshi took the drama to more peaks. 

Prakash Raj's performance is matched by Brahmanandam's universal appearance. Ramyakrishna expressed deep feelings with just his eyes. Her gestures as a wife of her husband and as a housewife who cannot bear to be insulted by her husband are amazing. That's it... while praising the wives, Krishna Vamsi also made some satires on the husbands.

If you look at the story... there is nothing new in 'Rangamarthanda'. But, there is life. The current society was invented on the screen. Belittling the mother tongue with a passion for the English language, children feeling that the elders at home are not giving them freedom in the name of charism, even suspecting their parents when it comes to money... both in movies and in society. 

This is a film that gives a message to take good care of our grandparents while they are alive. That is not new. But, the way the message is conveyed is mind-blowing. The background of the stage artist gives a new look to the story we know. The scenes of a man acting on the stage, unable to act in real life, are heart-touching.


In terms of construction, some deficiencies are evident. Due to financial constraints, some scenes may have been wrapped. Cinematography looks just okay. The sync sound is not set correctly. Some people's performance is not so pleasing because of the names. 

Brahmanandam, Prakash Raj, Ramyakrishna's acting...Krishnavamsi's direction...Maestro Ilayaraja's music goes to credit for making the movie go away and watch the movie without the lack of songs and flaws. The songs and the background music do not have the sounds of raging. Listening to pure music is soothing to the mind.

Rangamarthanda  Movie Actors Performance

There are few actors in the movie. After coming out of the theater there is only one thing that haunts us... Brahmanandam! Prakash Raj has done many emotional roles. So, once again he seems to have given a good performance. Touches the mind. Ramyakrishna has done many great roles. 

Once again, she will be flattered as an actress. Brahmanandam, on the other hand, showed the actor in him as if no one had used him for years. From the get-up to the dialogue delivery... new Brahmanandam appeared in every aspect. On the other hand, even though Prakash Raj is acting brilliantly... it is not an exaggeration to say that Brahmanandam acted without turning his gaze away from him. His acting peaks especially in the hospital scene. Brahmanandam brought the drama to a peak in that scene. Sivatmika Rajasekhar, Rahul Sipliganj, Anasuya, Adarsh, and others have done various roles.

Finally: There are some movies that you watch as a human being, and some movies that you watch with your heart. 'Rangamarthanda' is a movie to watch with your heart. There is a dialogue in the movie that says 'Don't write a letter dry...look at the wetness behind it'. 

The audience should really watch the wetness in this movie. Just look at that wetness. This is a film that brings the wetness from the depths of the heart to the eyeballs. It is certain that the audience will leave the theater with a heavy mind and a heavy heart. Krishavamshi Is Back - Brahmanandam Rocks!

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