Balagam 2023 Telugu Movie Detailed Review

Balagam Movie

Venu Tillu is an actor who made the Telugu audience laugh with movies and comedy shows. He became a director with the movie 'Balagam' (Balagam Telugu Movie). Produced by Harshit Reddy and Hansita, descendants of 'Dil' Raju. Priyadarshi and Kavya Kalyan Ram acted as a couple. With faith in the film, the premiere shows were held two days earlier. And how is 'Balagam' (Balagam Review In Telugu)?

Balagam Movie Story

Sailu (Priyadarshi) gets ready for marriage. In two days Varapooja (engagement) ie... grandfather (Sudhakar Reddy) dies. His plan to pay off the debt if he gets a dowry of ten lakhs on the day of Varapooja goes awry. The marriage gets canceled due to a quarrel in Chau's house. He sees Grandmother's daughter Sandhya (Kavya Kalyan Ram) who has come to see Grandfather's body. It is known that Maviya has a lot of property. 

He makes a plan to make Sandhya fall in love and get married to settle the debt. However... Sailu's father (Jayaram) and uncle (Muralidhar) have a quarrel. What is the cause of those conflicts? Why didn't the crow touch the mudda (meal given to dead people)? What did the grandfather spirit want? What did the family members do to put aside the quarrels? is a movie.

Balagam Movie Analysis

Language and dialect are never barriers to emotion. Sometimes the audience does not understand the language spoken by the actors, but the reason for clapping is because of the emotion in the movie. The whole team who worked on the film 'Balagam' are children of Telangana. Telangana accent is also heard in the movie. Emotions touch the hearts of all people.


The strength of 'Balagam' is all in the emotions, Kasara Shyam's lyrics & Bheem's music. Emotion is not only tears but also laughter! Venu Yeldandi succeeds in capturing such emotions. In the house of death, the behavior of some in front of a dead man is laughable. Those scenes were well written. Everyone's characterization is very peculiar. No new emotions were shown. But, it is designed to be connected.

The bonding scene between the younger sisters, the scene where Priyadarshi gets emotional at the grandfather's favorite place near the farm, and the heroine's scene at the printing press... some of these scenes connects with the audience.

What are the new scenes separately? It seems For a long time the story revolves around the crow's kiss and the fight between the hero's father & uncle. After the interval, the front slows down a bit. However, watching the film as a whole has carried an emotion. The main reason for that is music and literature. It would have been better if the pain in the grandfather's mind had been revealed more strongly. Then there was more depth.

Kasarla Shyam has written songs that reveal the atmosphere and culture of the Telangana countryside. Music by Bheems. The song 'Ouru Palletooru...' will be heard for some years to come. The cinematography by Acharya Venu is good. The Telangana accent and the spontaneity in conversations are good.


Balagam Actors Performance

Actors not seen in 'Balagam'. Only the characters appeared. Everyone lived. Priyadarshi was not made a hero. Appeared as a character in the story. Kavya Kalyan Ram looks good. Emotions are also well carried. Elder Sudhakar Reddy who played the character of grandfather should be especially congratulated. 

Although there are only a few scenes, they have created an impact on the story. All the other artists gave life to their respective characters. Venu excelled not only as an actor and director but also as a singer in key scenes. He gave life to those scenes with his voice. The character played by Venu Tillu in the movie is good.

Finally what? : 'Balagam' is one of the films that have crowned the dialect, language, and culture of Telangana. There is emotion in the movie beyond the accent. It gives a message to treat people with love while they are still alive. It is a story in the soil of Telangana, a story of people, a story that shows us on screen. The talent of the actors, Venu's direction, Bheem's music, Kasar's Shyam's lyrics... Verasi's 'Balagam' has brought out the emotions in a powerful way. This is a must-watch movie.

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