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Vanaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha

Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha Movie Review: Kiran Abbavaram made a name for himself in the film industry with the films 'Rajavaru Ranigaru' and 'SR Kalyana Mandapam'. 

However, none of the subsequent films gave him success. On the occasion of Mahashivratri, 'VBVK Movie' was made by GA2 Pictures. How is this movie released on the occasion of Mahashivratri? what That means...

VBVK Movie Story

Darshana (Kashmira Pardesi) Youtuber. No matter how many videos you make, views do not come. To become famous, the number calls the neighbors (one digit before and after the phone number) and plans a video with them. Darshan's phone number is Neighbors... one, Sharma (Murali Sharma). 

He has a pet clinic. Another one is Vishnu (Kiran Abbavaram). Helping others is his forte. All three make videos together. In this sequence, Vishnu falls in love with Darshan. Sharma also loves Darshan. Staying close to him. However, one day shoots Sharma. He dies. 

Vanaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha

What is the reason why Darshan killed Sharma? Why is NIA & a minister from Rayalaseema ('KGYF' Lucky) running around for Vishnu? What did Vishnu do to bring out Darshan who went to jail in Sharma's murder case? What is the relationship between Mumbai gangster Rajan (Sharath Lohitswa) and Vishnu? is the rest of the movie.

Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha Movie Analysis

Kiran Abbavaram chooses a good concept and makes movies. They try to tell a story by grasping a small point. In this order, he is making some mistakes. Hence, there is no solid hit. And, did he get a hit this time? Or? If you look at it...

The title of 'Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha' is a bit big. But, the story is nothing big. Very simple! What did a good guy with a helping hand do for his girlfriend? is the story that appears above. Suppose there is another story behind this. Don't know it until the climax. So putting that aside and coming to the story told till then... this story can be taken in two ways. One, like a feel-good love story! Two, suspense and thriller type!

Director Murali Kishore Abburi, hero Kiran Abbavaram, and Co did not choose either path. Carried to rest like a love story. After that, a small twist was given. A shift to the concept-oriented thriller genre after a break? That is not done. 

Vanaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha

They went to the regular format and changed the genre once in the main scenes. But... what is the complaint from the beginning to the end of the movie? How long will the story not move forward? They hesitated to tell the story in a commercial package. When the original twist was revealed, it seems that too much comedy was done.

The hero is introduced as a good-hearted person who helps. After that, go into the actual story until the rest is scum. Songs in between and some comedy scenes are okay. After the interval, he proceeded slowly again and told the original story at the end. 

There are some good dialogues in between. However, they are similar to WhatsApp quotes. Heavy dialogues are told to the hero regardless of the content. An attempt to make Kiran Abbavar a mass hero was also seen in this movie. The fights are well-designed.

Chaitan Bharadwaj's music impresses us more than the story, narration, and scenes in 'Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha'. He gave good music with 100% effort. 'Vasava Suhasa...' song is melodious. Other songs and background music are also good. The lyrics are also good. Tirupati is shown well. The camera work is neat. Production values are okay.

VBVK Movie Actors Performance

Kiran Abbavaram is not acting new. It has been done in movies before. However, the boy-next-door character is very good. In terms of dancing, we still need to improve. Even during emotional scenes! Heroine Kashmir glamor doll that's all! It is greedy to expect performance from her. 

Murali Sharma has been used well by the director. Steps were taken by him with Kashmir. A little romantic comedy scene was done. Having an actor like Murali Sharma for twists in the story helped the film. 'KGYF' Lucky, Pammi Sai, Devi Prasad, Amani, Sarath Lohitswa, LB Sriram, Praveen, 'Shubhalekha' Sudhakar... the movie has a huge cast. All done to the extent of the characters!

Finally what? : Kiran Abbavaram's 'Vinaro Bhagyamu Vishnu Katha' is a better film compared to his previous film. Concept wise ok. But, the new director was not completely successful in handling it. The music carried the movie to some extent. Regardless of the story and dialogues, and scenes, commercial movies with good songs will satisfy the audience.

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