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Sir Movie Review: The movie 'Sir' ('Vathi' in Tamil) starred Dhanush. Directed by Venky Atluri. This is his film after 'Tholiprema', 'Mr. Majnu' and 'Rang De'. How is this movie made in the background of the education system (SIR Movie Review In Telugu)?

Sir Movie Story

Those were the days when government colleges were closing down as education became a business. Balu alias Balagangadhar Tilak (Dhanush) is the son of a driver. He is working as a junior lecturer. 

He has to go to a government college in Siripuram. Why did he give too many lessons to the working children to come to college? What did Tripathi (Samudrakhani), the president of the Private Colleges Association, do when all the students studied by Balu sir passed in the first class of the inter-first year? How many obstacles did Balu have to face? What is the role of Meenakshi (Samyukta Menon) in his journey? Answers to such questions should be known by watching the movie.


Sir Telugu Movie Analysis

Speaking of 'sir'... it should be said before rest and after. Because... no mind-blowing scenes or much story happened till the interval. Hero introduction fight, hero character introduction, then heroine introduction, romantic song, two or three comedy scenes in between - this is how it went in commercial dimensions. Moreover, some of the scenes on the screen seem artificial. Not touching the mind.

After the break, the actual movie started. Especially the 20 minutes after the interval will touch the mind. Makes you see with the heart. In that fight, the background music by Jivi Prakash Kumar in the emotional scenes is also amazing. More than the content, the acting and the background music kept the scene alive. As Dhanush said... the story of 'Sir' is simple. Emotions are strong. (Vaathi Review)

There are some flaws in the story of 'Sir'. Director Venky Atluri wanted to make a good point. Some good scenes were also written after the interval. However, Sosoga led before the interval. The point is not new. Shankar touched on that in 'Gentleman'. The love track does not fit the story well. 


Especially Hrithik Roshan's 'Super 30' influence is seen in the story. The iconic scene is reminiscent of Aamir Khan's '3 Idiots' ending. The movie went on a commercial graph starting to end. There are no twists. What will happen next can be predicted.

In 'Sir' we hear conversations that we all have on a daily basis. However, where there is need, 'need has no caste', 'Education is like an offering in a temple. Share it. There are good dialogues like 'Selling'. Then whistle and clap. 

The songs and background music by GV Prakash Kumar are good. 'Mashtaru Mashtaru...' was a chartbuster before its release. It's good in the movie too. Build values are okay. As it is a Telugu and Tamil movie... some scenes are taken in Tamil and translated into Telugu.

Sir Movie Actors Performance

Dhanush played the role of Balu. His acting made us feel emotional in some scenes. Emotional scenes and fights are well done. Would it have been better if Samyukta Menon as Meenakshi was replaced by another heroine!? In some scenes, she stood like a doll, but the expressions were not given properly. 

She is a template acting! Samudrakhani and Sai Kumar's roles are routine. But, they did well with their experience. 'Hyper' Adi laughed in two or three scenes. Other actors are okay. They did this according to the scope of their respective roles. Sumanth is seen in a special role. The story begins and ends in his words.

Finally what? : Dhanush's performance gets first-class marks. After that interval, you can give a hundred percent for the emotional scene. Music by GV Prakash Kumar is a distinction. It is difficult to give first-class marks to 'Sir' as a story and as a film. There is a feeling that something is missing. Commercialization of education is the connecting point. But... Dhanush's performance and music are better than the way the point is made and the message given.

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