'Puli Meka' 2023 Web Series Review: Lavanya Tripathi, Adi Sai Kumar's OTT debut?

Puli Meka

The web series 'Puli Meka' Web Series starring the heroine Lavanya Tripathi in the lead role. Aadi Sai Kumar acted opposite her in this. This is Zee5 OTT exclusive series. It has a huge cast and crew. Written and produced in collaboration with famous writer Kona Venkat. Gopichand's 'Pantham' was directed by Chakraborty. How is this series?

Puli Meka Web Series Story

Kiran Prabha (Lavanya Tripathi) is an IPS officer. A girl with a Master's in Criminal Psychology. Dhisali caught a serial killer in Karimnagar within 48 hours as a trainee. It also solves the case of kidnapping and child trafficking of school-going girls in Warangal within a few hours. Commissioner Anurag Narayan (Suman) trusts her more. Therefore, Kiran Prabha will be assigned the case of a serial killer who is targeting and killing police in Hyderabad city. 

First three policemen and then a government doctor are killed. How did Kiran Prabha solve this case? Meet Prabhakar Sharma (Adi Sai Kumar), the head of the forensic team, and what is Prema Kahani? What are the roles of Pallavi (Siri Hanuman) and Karunakar Sharma (Raja)? Who is the real serial killer? What is the reason for the murders? It should be known by watching the series.

Puli Meka Web Series Analysis

Directors and writers say that OTT is the right platform to tell stories and new topics that cannot be told on the silver screen. Web series and films are being made with New Age stories. Kona Venkat and Co do not tell a new story in 'Puli Meka'. Made a web series with a story that can be told on the silver screen. Since it is a female-oriented project, do you feel less risk in making a series than a movie!?

Puli Meka

Kona Venkat is a commercial film writer! He experimented less. In the case of 'Puli Meka' series, he went in a commercial way. Everything from the heroine's introduction episode to the ending is commercial. In that order, they took the liberty that writers take in commercial films. Director Chakraborty also shot the film. Hence, the spontaneity seen in web series is missing. The scenes seem routine.

The way the story is told is better than the story of 'Puli Meka'. Impresses the viewers. The twists that come after the routine scenes create interest on the next episodes. Usually, the director and writers create interest in the series without telling who the killer is till the end. But, the 'Puli Meka' team did not do that. 

A major twist was revealed in the fourth episode. Then the story changed. Some logic has also been set aside for twists. That freedom was well taken. Music by Praveen Lakkaraju is just ok. The cinematography is good.

Puli Meka Web Series Actors Performance

Lavanya Tripathi got a chance to do action scenes in 'Puli Meka'. Also, a chance to show different getups & variations! The highlight of the starting episode is the Mahankali-like getup in the Bonala fair scene. He acted well in the role of an IPS officer. 

Even if she is not wearing a khaki dress, one would think of Lavanya Tripathi as a police officer, at the same time, giving a touch of glamor to Neeraja Kona who has designed the costumes. Adi Sai Kumar played Awali as Prabhakar Sharma. It is not difficult for him to act in these types of roles. 

Puli Meka

However, the chemistry between Lavanya & Aadi is missing. Hence, that track is not impressive. Suman, Goparaju Ramana, Nooka Avinash, Mayank, and others have acted according to the range of roles. The character of Raja, son of 'Sirivennela' will be a surprise. Siri Hanuman has got a character with importance.

Finally what? : 'Puli Meka' is a commercial movie-like web series with twists. Don't expect anything new in the story. Just enjoy the magic on the screen! 'Puli Meka' has family emotions, crime, and suspense. However, all is routine. For Commercial Thriller Genre & Lavanya Tripathi Fans!

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