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Farzi Web Series Review: 'The Family Man 2' web series was a super hit on OTT for both seasons. The latest web series 'Farzi' is directed by Raj and DK, creators and creators of the series. This is the first web series starring Hindi hero Shahid Kapoor. This is also the first release of Vijay Sethupathi in Hindi. How is this series? (Farzi Web Series Review)

Farzi Web Series Story

Sunny (Shahid Kapoor) is a good artist. When he painted something... it was difficult to find an original or even a duplicate. Such a great artist. Mother dies in childhood. Auto leaves the father on the train. He is brought up by his grandfather (Amol Palekar) since childhood. 

Along with Sunny, Feroze (Bhuvan Arora) whom he met at the railway station! Grandfather runs a magazine called 'Kranti'. No one would read that value-driven magazine. On the one hand, the rejection of the readers, and on the other hand, the burden of debts, especially the burden of old age, cause pain in the mind of Sunny's grandfather. 

One day, when the debtors came and quarreled, Sunny and Feroze printed 500 rupee notes to pay off their debt. After that, it becomes a habit for them to print fake notes. They get used to the luxurious life that comes with money. What did Mansoor (KK Menon) do when he came to know about Sunny, who is like a Maharaja in the circulation and transport of stolen notes in India? 

Farzi/Amazon Prime

What obstacles did they face in their journey? What did Michael (Vijay Sethupathi), a government officer whose aim was to stop the smuggling of counterfeit notes, do? What is the conflict between Michael and his wife Rekha (Regina)? Why does Sunny get in touch with Megha (Rashi Khanna) who works in Michael's team? Fall in love? What is the sketch behind ensnaring her in the name of love? If you want to know the answers to many such questions... you have to watch the web series 'Farji'.

Farzi Web Series Analysis

Before I tell you how the series is, a word must be said! Villainism is now heroism! Success is coming if the criminals are shown as heroes on the screen. So... Shahid Kapoor's role should be seen as the hero in 'Farji'. 

Vijay Sethupathi is also a hero as he plays the role of leading a team like NIA and Task Force. Hence, there is no strong villain in 'Farzi' to speak of. However, after watching the entire series, it is understood that the viewer's palatial run time (length) plays the role of the main villain.

Each episode of 'Farzi' is about an hour long. As the film has limitations in terms of length, the directors and writers are trying to tell the things that cannot be said on the silver screen on the OTT screen. 

From that point of view, there is nothing new in 'Furji'. It is like a cat-mouse game. And to be honest... aside from impressing the viewers, there is a masterclass in type for those who want to print counterfeit notes. That range of detailing in the case of scenes and other crimes is boring.

Farzi/Amazon Prime

In 'Farzi', the length of the episodes feels long, the main reason why the series is not impressive is the characterizations and some scenes! For example... the starting scenes between Shahid Kapoor and Kavya Thapar remind us of Allu Arjun and Deeksha Seth's scenes in 'Vedham'. 

Watching the scenes between Vijay Sethupathi and Regina... In 'The Family Man', Manoj Bajpai and Priyamani's track comes and goes before the eyes. The series as a whole has very little to engage the viewer in terms of emotions.

Shahid Kapoor doesn't seem to have any compelling reason to print stolen notes. If he had properly established emotional bonding with his grandfather before that, or if he had faced humiliation during the days of sleeping on the railway track, then it can be assumed that he did it for money. 

That didn't happen. On the other hand, if Vijay Sethupathi is blackmailing the minister and doing what he wants... it will be laughable. Maybe... that scene was shot for dark humor! Stupid words are used in the dialogue.

Watching 'Farzi', one suspects that Raj & DK, the writing department team will take viewers for granted in order to cash in on the popularity of 'The Family Man'! They followed 'Family Man' in technical aspects like cinematography, music, and editing. The screenplay is also nothing great.

Farzi/Amazon Prime

Farzi web series Actors Performance

Regardless of the writing and scenes, all the artists gave fantastic performances. If Shahid Kapoor is settled in acting... Vijay Sethupathi will impress with his acting and dialogue delivery. His characterization and dialogues are entertaining. KK Menon has once again done a good job in a role with villainous shades. 

Rashi Khanna's character is good. Even her acting! As mentioned earlier, 'family man' Priyamani will be seen in the role of Regina. Hence, her performance doesn't register properly. Amol Palekar, Zakir Hussain, Bhuvan Arora, Kavya Thapar, and others had good scenes to register.

Finally what? : In terms of actors and length, 'Farzi' is a very big web series. At any stage, the tension of whether Shahid Kapoor who is printing stolen notes will be found or the belief that Vijay Sethupathi will catch the gang of stolen notes is a special feature of 'Farji'. 

There are very few interesting things except the performance of the artists and some scenes. If you still want to watch it after saying this... after watching one or two episodes, you will get clarity. Because... stretched and stretched and left. Those thinking of watching it with kids, think twice. Beep words echoed through the stars' mouths.

PS: Challam sir character in 'Family Man' in 'Farzi'...Michael (Vijay Sethupathi) calling Tiwari (Manoj) is an interesting topic. Raj & DK will create a universe of spy series by combining the two series!

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