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Shaakuntalam: Pan India movie 'Sakunthalam' directed by lady superstar Samantha and creative director Gunasekhar. The film unit has released the trailer of this movie, which will be released in front of the audience on February 17. With only one more month left for the release of Sakunthalam, the promotions were kicked off and the trailer of 'Shakunthalam' was launched in a grand event. 

Based on the novel 'Sakunthalam' written by Kalidasa, Samantha played the title role and 'Dev Mohan' played the role of her husband 'Dusyanta'. According to the story, Shakuntala, the daughter of 'Vishwamitra and Menaka', lives in the ashram of 'Kanva Maharshi' due to some reasons. Shakuntala is accompanied by two women named 'Priyamvada' and 'Anasuya'. 

One day when 'Dushyanta Maharaja' came to the forest where 'Kanva Maharshi' Ashram was located for hunting, an old man there warned the king not to hunt in the ashram area and invited Dushyanta Maharaja to 'Kanva Maharshi' Ashram. During this time Kanva Maharishi was not staying in the ashram, Dusyanta Maharaj who was roaming in the ashram fell in love with 'Shakuntala'. 


The king, who saves her from a minor accident, is mesmerized by her beauty. After that love arises between Shakuntala and Dushyanta Maharaja. In a few days these two will get married in Gandharva. While Shakuntala is pregnant, Dushyanta goes back to rule his kingdom. 

Shakuntala, who spends her days with her husband's thoughts, one day when 'Doorvasa' Maharshi comes to her and ignores her... 'Doorvasa Maharshi', in anger, curses Shakuntala that her husband will forget her. When Priyamvada came to know about this, Anasuya asked Doorvasa Maharishi about the way to get rid of sin, and he said, "If you show any object as a sign of love, then the evil person will remember it like Shakuntala."

Unaware of this, one day Shakuntala, with the help of a woman named Gautami, goes before Dusyanta, who accuses her of not recognizing her. Shakuntala feels helpless when she realizes that her love ring is gone. With this, Menaka descends from the sky and returns to the sky without taking her daughter Shakuntala. 


Seeing all this, Dusyanta is surprised but Shakuntala does not remember his wife. Meanwhile, a fisherman in Dusyanta's kingdom goes fishing and finds a ring in the belly of a fish caught in a net. If he does not take the ring and goes to sell it in the market, the king's soldiers, who see it, will bring the fisherman before the king, who does not think he is a thief. 

Seeing his ring here, Dusyanta remembers his marriage with Shakunta. Dusyantha remembers the past and remembers that Shakuntala left without being taken by Menaka. He becomes more depressed as he realizes that if he dies without an heir, his kingdom and wealth will go to others. 

Seeing Dushyanta, the 'Apsara' tries to help him, but in the meantime, Dushyanta goes to heaven to fight the demons on behalf of Indra and the gods. Dusyanta fights on behalf of the gods in heaven and defeats them. Dusyanta, who wins this battle and returns to his kingdom, gets attracted by the beauty of 'Himakuta Parvata', where 'Mareecha Maharshi' resides.

Stopping his chariot on the Himakuta mountain, Dusyanta is surprised to see a boy counting how many teeth a lion has. He then learns that the boy's mother's name is Shakuntala and that he belongs to the Puru clan. When Dusyanta realizes that the boy is his son, Shakuntala appears. 

On seeing her, Dusyanta tells her that he has forgotten his past and asks Shakuntala to forgive him. Sage Maricha blesses the boy and sends him back to his kingdom. It was that boy 'Bharat' whose name 'Bharat Rajyam' was formed. This is basically the story of Shakuntalam. In this story, 'Mohan Babu' acted as 'Doorvasa' Maharshi. 

The visuals and graphics shown by Gunasekhar in the trailer are not up to expectations, but in terms of budget, it doesn't matter. Shakunthalam movie is loved by the audience even if the graphics are mediocre because the story has substance. In the trailer, Samantha's look and appearance really seems like a goddess, and Dev Mohan is also very good as the villain. 

Ananya Nagalla acted as one of Shakuntala's friends. The background score by Mani Sharma, the cinematography by Shekhar V Joseph, the editing techniques by Praveen Pudi and the art work by Ashok are very good. Samantha tested her luck in pan India market with this movie.

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