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ATM Web Series

Web Series 'ATM' (ATM Web Series Review) presented by famous director Harish Shankar. In addition to his story, 'Dil' was produced by Raju Productions and the audience's eyes fell on the series. How is this series released in 'G5' OTT? How did VJ Sunny, Subbaraj, and Prithvi act? 'Dil' Raju and Harish Shankar won the silver screen with the films 'Subramaniam for Sale' and 'Duvvada Jagannatham - DJ'. This is the first OTT project for both of them. Did you get success on the digital screen too? Or?

ATM Web Series Story

Jagan (VJ Sunny) is a young man in a slum in Hyderabad. Three other youths from the same village, and do jalsa with the money they get from small thefts. One day the old car will be beaten and sold. It is later revealed that there are diamonds worth ten crores in it. The owner of the diamonds catches them. 

He threatens to kill him if he does not give his diamonds or ten crores. Jagan & Co., who asked for ten days' time, hit the van carrying money to the ATMs. Out of which Rs. 25 crores. The police department hands over the case to encounter specialist Hegde (Subbaraju). 

Why did the basti corporator arrest Gajendra (Prithvi) who was trying to get MLA ticket? Did Gajendra make a sketch to get 25 crores for an MLA ticket? Or did Jagan take the pictures to give money to Diamonds owner Seth? What did Diamonds owner Seth do in the middle? Did Hegde catch Jagan & Co and recover that 25 crores? Or? It should be seen on the digital screen.

ATM Web Series

ATM Web Series Analysis

If you read the story, you may feel that it is common in the news. But, Harish Shankar added humor and suspense to it. He said philosophy here and there. ATM thefts, spending crores to buy MLA tickets, lives of youth in the slums... nothing new. You see it all the time in the news. came on the screen. Harish Shankar has brought all these to the audience in the form of a package.

Harish Shankar's 'ATM' web series idea is good. There is a point that is not mentioned in the above story. There is a logical screenplay. However... the director-writers took some time to establish the characters. The starting episodes are very slow. In addition to that, Divyavani's character as CI Umadevi, those scenes are irritating. Even if she deletes the scenes, there will be no damage to the story!?

Curiosity started in the story after Subbaraju's entry. Investigation to catch ATM thieves 'What will happen next?' It made me see that. Since then comedy and suspense are impressive. The reason for that is the leads and characterizations given in the first four episodes! A Mysore Bonda catching thieves is laughable. Even the Prithvi roll! But... it would have been better if the story was told in brief.

In the first episode, a hawk falls on the hero's hand. What is the hawk leaning on the hand of the lorry driver? Some may doubt that. Some people may have doubts about the way of investigation... that thieves and money can be caught by looking at the numbers on the notes! Harish Shankar as the author has given the answers regarding that logic as well. Something will be revealed when the whole series is completed. The reason is that the director has failed to capture the intensity of the scenes and portray the lives of the Basti youth in a way that connects them.

ATM Web Series

While showing the lives of the hero and his three friends, there is a feeling that the story is moving forward, but there is no effect. A web series is therefore understandably made on a limited budget. The cinematography is good in the scenes shot in the background of smoke effect. Prashanth R. Vihari background music is ok.

How did the actors do it? : VJ Sunny is convincing in the role of Jagan. Basti did well as a young man. Subbaraju showed intensity in his performance as police officer Hegde. As an insomniac, it is not easy to do as he did. Prithvi may have done such a character in the past. But, his timing is funny. It also created seriousness in starting. Prithvi is a perfect choice as Gajendra. 

Krishna Boorugula, Royal Sri, and Raviraj are the hero's friends. The length of the roles of Devi and Harshini is short. Both have lip locks. They didn't even get the scope to act in the limited screen space. Divya Vani's character, in which her performance is hard to impress. Also, remembering Shafi in 'ATM'! 'These days' Sri, Appaji Ambarisha, and others appeared in between.

Finally what? : The story of the 'ATM' web series is nothing new. But, Harish Shankar added new points to the game of Common Thief - Police. The thief's attempt to distract the police with the help of a GPS tracker and a falcon (royal eagle) was interesting. However, the first four episodes & length have become the main villain of the audience. If those four bear it... then Subbaraj and Prithvi's acting along with Harish Shankar's story and Chandramohan's screenplay made 'ATM' stand. If you start without any expectations... this 'ATM' is a decent time pass series.

PS: At the end, it was said that there will be a sequel to the series. Two things were revealed. Those points created interest in the second season.

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