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Repeat Movie Review: Suspense thriller movie 'Repeat' starring Naveen Chandra and Madhubala in key roles. It is streaming on Disney Plus Hot Star. What is the movie? The same movie is also available on Amazon Prime with the name 'Dejavu'. 

If not... Naveen Chandra played the role played by hero Arul Nithi in Telugu. Everything else is 'repeat' as per the name. When it comes to the story... the characters in the story written by popular writer Subrahmanyam (Achut Kumar) threaten him on the phone in real life. 

Subrahmanyam will file a police complaint about that. At the same time Pooja (Smriti Venkat), daughter of DGP Asha Pramod (Madhubala) gets kidnapped. She calls the police and mentions the name of the writer Subrahmanyam. The police are going to arrest the writer as they think that the DGP's daughter is a danger. 

But because of their objections around the house and the media, they are afraid to leave. DGP Asha is forced to deploy undercover police officer Vikram Kumar (Naveen Chandra) to save her kidnapped daughter. 

Writer Subrahmanyam wrote on paper how the events are happening in front of the eyes? Who are the masterminds behind the kidnapping of DGP's daughter? Who is this whole affair? How are you controlling? That is the climax.


The movie was full of unexpected twists from the beginning to the end. The director has paced the story in such a way that the audience cannot guess who are the culprits of the kidnapping. Although it is a routine revenge story, the way the director reveals the connection between the characters is interesting. 

The shades of gray in the key characters are also very convincing. In the movie Asantham, some character smokes or drinks. With that, the statutory warning movie continues to be displayed. According to the story, most of the scenes were shot at night. One of the producers and cinematographers P.G. Muttiah has created well. 

Gibran's background music is another highlight of this movie. Although this is the first movie for director Arvind Srinivasan, he was impressed with the gripping screenplay. It is basically a Tamil movie. It was released in the theaters in the month of July with the name 'Dejavu'. 

Along with Tamil, the Telugu dubbed version is also available on Amazon Prime. However, the director re-shot some scenes by taking Telugu actors for the hero's role as well as some other roles. So it was presented as a Telugu movie, censored, and now given to Disney Plus Hot Star. 


Naveen Chandra's entry as Investigative Officer Vikram was a bit late. But the movie picked up speed from the moment he entered. No need to show him as a chain smoker. Similarly, there is no relevance in presenting the writer as a green drinker. 

Kannada actor Achyut Kumar, who caught the attention of Telugu people with 'Kantara', has given a natural performance as a writer in this. Madhubala acted well as DIG. In the Telugu version, Satyam Rajesh and Pooja Ramachandran acted as Naveen Chandra's assistants. 

Another key role was played by Sudarshan. Maim Gopi, Kali Venkat, Raghava Vijay, and Chetana are in both versions. No matter what the story behind the filmmaking is, the viewer will be thrilled while watching this movie in OTT. Even if the making values ​​are not high, the story is interesting and engaging. Those who like thriller genre movies will like 'Repeat'.

Rating: 2. 75 / 5

Plus points

  • Selected theme
  • Being a revenge drama
  • Cinematography, Music

Minus points

  • Dubbing smells
  • Logical scenes
  • An unexpected climactic twist

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