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Matti Kushi

Matti Kusthi Telugu Movie Review Vishnu Vishal has made a name for himself in Kollywood as a good producer and hero. 

Finally, Vishnu Vishal made a name for himself in Kollywood and Tollywood with FIR. And to show his passion as a producer once again, Vishnu Vishal came in front of the Telugu audience with a movie called Matti Kusti. Let's see how this movie is.

Matti Kusthi Movie Story:

Kirti (Aishwarya Lakshmi) is a wrestler. A rebel candidate. A girl with independent feelings. She dreams of participating in national-level wrestling competitions. But the father does not agree. Who will do the girl who wears short clothes and wrestles like this and all the relationships get spoiled? 

Veera (Vishnu Vishal) has no evening to study. He roams the town without any work. A female should be under a male... He grows up in the type of saying that he should listen to what the male says. He is egotistical as a male. How did such a hero and fame get married? 

Matti Kusthi

What kind of events will take place between the two after the wedding? What is the role of Das (Ajay), the wrestler coach (Shatru) in this story? Why is there a mud wrestling competition between Keerthi and Veera? Who won in the end? is the story.


Vishnu Vishal acted as hero for the first time in a story with mass commercial elements. Vishnu Vishal's performance in the role of Panipataleni Veera is pleasing. Action sequences are also set well. He even smiles here and there. Keerthy's role is the main attraction of this movie. 

Aishwarya Lakshmi in that character will hook everyone. Aishwarya has acted well as an ambitious modern girl. In the action sequence, however, she showed a great attitude. Karunas, Ajay, Shatru, Harish Peradi, and Kali Venkat have also impressed with the scope of their roles.


With the name Matti Kusti, you might think that this is a sports drama. But the hero said clearly in advance. Vishnu Vishal had earlier said that it revolves around the incidents between an average husband and wife. Wrestling is just a short line. 

Director Chella Aiyavu has written this story on egos, quarrels between husband and wife, mutual respect, the way men see women in society, and the mind of women who want to suppress women.

The director has told through dialogues that man and woman are equal, man cannot survive without a woman, and woman alone can lead the world even if there is no man. It seems like a counter to all those who see women confined to the home. 

Matti Kusthi

But the director chose a sports background to make this point. The same point has been made by many people in many different ways. But the director tried to give a bit of fun in mud wrestling. The first half is a bit funny with the atmosphere of the village, the hero and his friends roaming about in riots. 

In the interval scene, Veera sees the true nature of Keerti's wife, who is desperate for another wife's family. In that interval scene, Aishwarya's action, body language, and attitude are all good. Apart from that, the first half was routine.

He tried to give some emotional touch in the second half. The scenes where Veera learns the virtues of a wife and the virtues of a woman do not seem to matter. The climax seems a bit routine. However, there are mostly Tamil nativity scenes in it. 

Dialogues also sound good. The dialogue of Keerti's mother saying that he won without competing against you is good. The songs don't seem to matter. Editing, camera work, and production values ​​are all good.

Rating: 2.5

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