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Malayalam director Anjali Menon has fans in the Telugu audience as well. She is known as the carafe address of modern Malayalam cinema. There are Telugu audiences who have seen the movies 'Bangalore Days' and 'Ustad Hotel'. The latest movie directed by Anjali Menon is 'Wonder Women Movie'. 

Popular Malayalam actresses Parvathi Thiruvothu, Padmapriya, and others acted along with Nadiya and Nithya Menon who are well known to the Telugu audience. How is this movie released on Sony Live OTT (Wonder Women Review)?

Story (Wonder Women Story): Nandita (Nadia) takes special classes for pregnant women. What exercises should pregnant women do at the center she runs under the name of Sumana? How should it be? They say things like The new batch will include Nora (Nithya Menon), Mini (Parvathy Thiruvothu), Veni (Padmapriya), Saya (Syanora Philip), Jaya (Amrita Subhash) and Gracie (Archana Padmini). Everyone has a story, a background! What did they learn in the classes there? Who had small quarrels between them? what happened is a movie.

Analysis (Wonder Women Telugu Review): 'Wonder Women' is not a story... Life! The society we see every day! The length of the movie is not long... 1.20 hours! There is not much difference between the start and ending points. After all... what is in this movie? Some may think so. Looking deeper... there seems to be a lot more. Anjali Menon has not told any new story. But, it is told in a new way to reach the viewer what everyone needs.

Wonder Women

It is said 'Vina: Stri ya: Jananam nasti, Vina: Stri ya: Jivam nasti'. It means... 'Without woman there is no birth, without woman there is no life'. A woman is described as Shaktisvarupini. What's great about 'Wonder Woman' is that the mother-to-be is not shown as Adi Shakti. She is also a woman. She was told that she has mood swings during pregnancy. In one scene Sayanora Philip says that I am not divine, but an ordinary woman. The small things that women face during pregnancy are very well explained in the movie.

Her Mother-in-law comes to the class every day along with Veni. One day she asks her husband to come. If the husband asks to take mom... 'Am I your mom? yesterday?' asks. The need for a husband is explained later in the scene. Also, Aunty listens to Veni's words. He does not get angry with his daughter-in-law. understands. Such scenes are heart-touching.

How to lift the baby after birth? How should it be? There is a class. Parvathy Thiruvothu's performance in that scene is tear-jerking. What happened before that? What happens next? Let's forget that. When Parvati refuses to give the doll in her hand...crying while holding her grandmother...those scenes are heart-wrenching. Watery eyes. The story of Parvati Thiruvothu, who is ready for divorce for the child in her womb, is heart-touching.

Nithya Menon's desire to talk to her mother before becoming a mother, her changing her priorities for the sake of a child...we see these types of women in society. Nadiya's character shows the agony of a woman who loses a child in childbirth, and Amrita Subhash's character shows the efforts of a late-aged couple for a child. We relate to each character in some way.

Wonder Women

Parvathy, Nithya Menon, Nadiya, Padmapriya... everyone acted well. It is not that one is more and the other is less. The characters were brought to life. Sometimes it seems like showing extreme positivity. But, today's society needs it. 'Wonder Woman' lacks the twists and melodrama seen in average movies. This is a film that shows the story we know in a new way. Govind Vasant's music and Manish Madhavan's cinematography are top-class. The production values ​​are good.

What is the final say? : 'Wonder Woman' is a must-watch movie for mothers-to-be and husbands. It is better to see this not as a story or a movie but as a good message that society needs. There is no such thing as cramming classes. Simple and beautiful... with great music and cinematography!

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