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Love Today

Love Today Telugu Movie Review: Nowadays, wherever a good movie is released, it is loved by the audience of all languages, regardless of the language. Although Kantara was initially released in Kannada, it was a nationwide success. 

Now the movie Love Today is showing its potential in Tamil. That's why this movie was dubbed in Telugu as well. Today (November 25) the film hit the screens. And let's see to what extent this film will please the Telugu audience.

Love Today Story:

Pradeep Uttaman (Pradeep Ranganathan) and Nikita (Ivana) love each other so much. They are under the illusion that they know each other completely. Ivana's father Venu Shastri (Satya Raj) puts a condition for the marriage. Both exchange their phones and stay for a day.. Even after that, Venu Shastri says that he has no objection if the marriage is okay. 

With this, Pradeep and Nikhita agree to that clause. After that what happened between Pradeep and Nikhita? How did their true natures come out? What happened after that? Are Nikhita and Pradeep together? Did their love last? That is the story.

Love Today Movierulz


Pradeep acted well in the role of Pradeep. He acted naturally as a simple boy. There is no heroism or elevation in the story. He acted very naturally to suit the story. The heroine Ivana not only acted well in the role of Nikhita but also looked beautiful. The youth likes Ivana very well. 

Sathyaraj and Radhika played those roles with their experience. Yogi Babu also gave a little emotional touch different from the routine. He laughed. At the same time, he thought. The characters of the hero's friends are also well-developed. All the characters are well done to the extent of their scope.


How are the youth now.. What is love in their eyes.. How addicted are the youth to the phone.. How are they using the phone.. What are the dangers they face?.. How is the use of social media.. How evil is spreading in social media.. and many more The story written touching the points, and the story woven together feels very good. The director-cum-hero Pradeep made us laugh by satirizing the youth.

It goes without saying that a person's life and true nature is in a phone. He indirectly said that a man's phone is enough to remove his mask. It sounds like a story everyone can relate to. What if everyone who uses the phone faces similar situations? They think that. How are today's youth using social media? 

Love Today Movierulz

He touched lightly on cyber crimes. Like this, the story and the story are also in line with today's trend. That's why he gave the title as Love Today. As much as there is fun in Love Today.. there will be emotions on the same level.. there will be a message on the same level. 

Dialogues are thought-provoking. If you plant a seed... there is no need to dig again and again... you should have faith that it will sprout. There should be trust.. if there is love.. there is no need to dig and dig.. if there is trust then love will grow and the dialogue will be good.

A dialogue with Yogi Babu's character says that it doesn't mean you shouldn't know... it doesn't mean you have done something wrong. Loved people are always getting separated.. Then they got separated because of elders.. Now you are getting separated.. A dialogue said by Satya Raj is also thought-provoking. 

All these words and songs are also good. But once again it has been proved that dubbing movies is neglected. It seemed like the dubbing was left without paying attention to the Telugu titles as well. The work of all the departments like editing and camera seems to have given a good result on the screen.

Rating: 3

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