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Gaalodu Movierulz

Sudheer is a name that needs no introduction to the television audience. Sudheer is one of the few who has a range craze on the small screen. Sudhir starrer 'Gaalodu' was released in theaters this Friday. Sudhir is no stranger to greeting the audience on the big screen. 

Although he had previously appeared before the audience with the films 'Software Sudheer' and '3 Monkeys', this is a complete mass entertainer. If you look at the teasers and trailers, you can tell that there are fights and dances in it without taking anything away from big hero movies. These also increased the interest in the film. And did the movie give Sudheer the hit he wanted?

Gaalodu Movierulz Story

Rajinikanth (Sudheer Sudheer) wanders around town without any money. Because of this, everyone calls Sudhir a fool. Sarpanch's son accidentally dies in a fight. That case will fall on Rajinikanth. He runs away from the village and comes to Hyderabad. He lives by stealing money from beggars in the city and eating prasad in the temple. 

That's when Shukla (Gehana Sippy) is introduced. Both of them fall in love. Shukla gives work to Rajinikanth in her house. Meanwhile, one day the police come and arrest Rajinikanth and take him away. What happened after that? Are Rajinikanth and Shukla together? That is the rest of the story.

Gaalodu Movierulz

Analysis: Sudheer can dance and fight well. His comedy timing is also very good. But there is a big difference between small screen and  silver screen. Dancing for 10 minutes, doing a skit, and impressing is different. Making a two-hour film and bringing the audience to the theater is different. Even though he has already done two films and suffered setbacks, Sudheer is still not taught that philosophy.

Director Rajasekhar Reddy starts the movie in a rather interesting way. Sudheer's introduction in Jail and the build-up to his character is interesting. Whenever the film takes a flashback, it goes astray. The heroine who is the only heir to a millionaire's house is attracted to the hero who wanders aimlessly and the scenes between them are dull. 

There is not a single scene in the movie that tells why the heroine loves the hero. Saptagiri and Shakalaka Shankar's comedy is not funny but boring. As long as the songs and action scenes are there, they seem to be okay. 'Were you born on a Saturday? How do you know... even if it sticks like Saturn...' This is a dialogue in the movie. Even the author's sensuous humor stops at such punches. 

And the court scene at the end is 'Never before, never after'. Scenes like the hero and heroine telling the court that they are in love, the judge asking them to prove their sincerity in their love, the judge ruling that the hero and heroine's wedding should be solemnized at the government's expense, and getting married in the court saying that they will get married there, should be said to be Nabhavishyat.

Gaalodu Movierulz

And when it comes to actors... Sudheer Sudheer has good talent. He is good at dances and fights. But if you want to become a mass hero in the first step, you have to choose the right story for it. If you take a story like this, the audience will get goosebumps. The way audiences watch movies has changed a lot. 

Even stars are not getting minimum openings if they come with outdated stories. Sudheer is sure to succeed if he chooses stories with a different concept and scope to showcase his talent. Gehana Sippy looked beautiful on screen. It is difficult to laugh at the comedy of Shakalaka Shankar and Saptagiri.

Overall... Sudheer fans will love the movie. Audiences who love movies with songs and mass elements can go to theaters even if the story is not necessary. Others have to think a little.

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