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Banaras Movierulz

After the success of 'Kjief', 'Vikrant Rona', and 'Kantara', a film coming from the Kannada industry... the audience is getting interested. After those movies, the Kannada movie 'Banaras' (Banaras Movierulz 2022) was released on the pan-India level. Zaid Khan is a political hero. It has music composed by B. Ajanish Loknath of 'Kantara' fame. How is this movie? (Banaras Review)

Banaras Story

Dhani (Sonal Montero) is a very nice girl. Participating in a singing reality show. Siddharth (Zaid Khan) approaches her to win a bet. He says that we will be husband and wife in the future and that he has come from the future to the present. Dhani believes everything Siddharth says... takes him to his room. Siddharth takes an intimate photo while she sleeps. 

The photo is going viral on social media due to the friend's work. Comments and trolls will come on Dhani's character. Dhani leaves Hyderabad and goes to Babai's house in Banaras. Realizing his wrongdoing, Siddharth goes to apologize to her. What happened after that? How did Siddharth get into time travel/time loop? You have to watch the movie to know.

Analysis (Banaras Telugu Review): 'Banaras' which starts as a simple love story takes unexpected turns...surprising the audience...and finally ends on a happy note. It cannot be said that it engages without turning the gaze from starting to ending! There are loopholes in the middle. But... this movie gives a different experience.


Even if it is shot in Bangalore or Bhimavaram instead of Banaras (Kashi), there will be no change in the story. But... the director chose Kashi's background to tell the philosophy. Kashi has been used well to show a new world on screen. He got full support from cinematographer Advaita Gurumurthy. 

The visuals are good. The song 'Tholi Tholi Valape...' has been shot in a romantic way. Filmed in Kashi Ganga, 'Kannu Ahierina Pata... Kannathallidi Jolapata' has heart-touching visuals and Kasar's Shyam lyrics. After 'Kantara', B Ajanish Loknath has once again come to the Telugu audience with good songs. Build values ​​are good.

The story is more than the story written by director Jayathirtha... The philosophy and twists in the story are interesting. There have been a few movies before with time travel/loop. But... he gave a different touch to that concept. To be honest... there is nothing as interesting as the start of the movie. Even if the hero says that it is time travel, the audience forgets it after a while. 

It seems routine for the hero heroines photo to go viral, but before that, the hero goes abroad with his friends. When the photo goes viral... the hero's disguises in foreign countries don't go viral? Doubt comes. Because... there is a drug where the monkey pretends to be. The director missed such logic. Hero's introduction song is also routine. But... after the story shifted to Kashi, they played tricks with visuals and songs.


After the start of the second half, they were taken to another world. They gave a surprise by saying time travel and time loop. The first half is not remembered after the second half starts. The interval twist will not let those who want to watch the first half go out. But... the ending is minus the surprise factor. Scenes are repeated. Many people may be disappointed after the twist is revealed.

How did the actors do? : Zaid Khan's first film as a hero. It must be said that he gave a good performance for the first movie. He looked handsome. Emotions are also shown well. Heroine Sonal Montero looked glamorous in the song 'Tholi Toli Valape...' which comes after the interval. The rest of the movie impresses with acting rather than glamour. 

The emotional scenes are well done. Zaid and Sonal pair well. There is chemistry between the two. Devaraj, who appeared as the hero's father, and Achyut Kumar, who played the heroine's father, are somewhat familiar to the Telugu audience. Sujay Shastri's performance in the key scenes is good. The climax is stretched to philosophize.

What is the final say? : To talk about 'Banaras' in one piece... you get the feeling of watching two movies on one ticket. While the first half is a cute and routine musical love story... the second half is a thrilling time travel/loop entertainer. 'Banaras' has loopholes. Apart from that... there are good songs, visuals, emotions, and artists' performances. There was an element of surprise in the second half. 

One can try to go to theaters once a weekend for time to pass. If there are known heroes and heroines in the Telugu audience, they will connect with the story more.

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