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1899 Movierulz: 'DARK' is a sensation in the history of world TV and web series. It is said to be one of the best web series of all time. 'Dark' has got such a good name because it adds thrilling elements to the time travel genre and tells a complex story in a comprehensible way. When Janje Freese and Baran Boo Oodar, the creators of this web series, announced a new web series called '1899', the expectations for it increased. The series is now streaming on Netflix. And did '1899' meet those expectations?

1899 Story: The ship 'Kerberos' leaves London for New York. There will be a total of 1612 people including the captain and crew in that ship. Four months before the departure of Kerberos, the ship 'Prometheus' disappears en route. After traveling for years, the Kerberos ship receives a signal from an unknown ship. A closer look reveals that it is Prometheus. But the signals stop when Kerberos approaches Prometheus. 

The captain (Andreas Peichmann) goes aboard some Prometheus. There they find only one little boy. The boy has a triangle. He is brought to Kerberos. The captain receives orders from his company to sink the 'Prometheus'. But the captain decides to ignore them and take Prometheus back to London. Since then, strange things happen on the ship. Why is that happening? Who is behind them? To know, you have to watch this series which is streaming on Netflix.

1899 Analysis: Telling a simple story into a complicated one is a great art. After the completion of the eight episodes in this series, if we turn off the TV and calmly sit in the chair and think 'what is the story in this?' Its writers Janje Frese and Baran Boo Oodar have been 100 percent successful in making it complicated and engaging the audience as well. 


Baran Boo Oodare is also the director of the eight epipods of this series. This is not a series that can be easily understood when we start a series on TV and watch it while we are looking at our phones and doing other things. When we want to watch this series, we can enjoy it only if we put the phone aside and give our full attention. As mentioned above, if we look in the middle, we stop in the middle because we don't understand anything.

The first episode of this series starts off very simply. A ship, the passengers on board, slowly peel back the curtain, introducing their different backgrounds. But the reappearance of the missing ship, only to find a boy on board, slowly takes interest in the series. The graph of the series, which has grown slowly in the first four episodes, suddenly rises from the fifth episode. 

From there, it takes your breath away with unexpected twists, turns, and supernatural elements. The characters behave according to the situations and scenes which are written without any standard template like hero, heroine, and villain.

But here and there in the first four episodes, the story moves a little slowly. Some unnecessary characters were also given more scenes and screen space. And while the series finale is a perfect lead-in to the second season, it feels a bit unsatisfying that the nature of the key characters hasn't been revealed yet. The highlight is the final scene that shocks again, keeping up with the audience's imagination of what the end of the season might be like after seven episodes.


Technically this series is also amazing. Especially the background score is unique. Care has been taken to keep the dark shades fresh here and there. Along with the music, the cinematography and set work are also amazing. The 1899 ship is set in a magnificent setting. It was shown so naturally.

As for the cast... the main character for this season is Mara Franklin played by Emily Beecham. She fits the role well. It has cultivated the necessary emotions in different scenes. After him, the most important character is the boy found on the ship. Flynn Edwards played the role well. Andreas Peichmann, who played the middle-aged Jonas Kahnwald in Dark, impresses as the ship's captain. All others have done justice to their roles.

Overall... This is a web series that should be watched rather than a time pass. If you give it an eight-episode run time, 1899 has a lot of surprises in store for you.

Episode-wise rating:

1. The Ship - 3.5/5

2. The Boy - 3/5

3. The Fog - 2.75/5

4. The Fight - 3/5

5. The Calling - 3.5/5

6. The Pyramid - 3.5/5

7. The Storm - 3.75/5

8. The Key - 3.25/5

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