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The Ghost Movieulz Review: October 5 is a special day for Akkineni Nagarjuna! It was the release date of his first blockbuster movie 'Shiva' in his career. After that, the movie 'The Ghost' is coming on the same day. Sunil Narang, Pushkur Ram Mohan Rao, and Sarath Marar produced this movie in the first combination of Nagarjuna and Praveen Sattaru. Let's see how Nagarjuna, who has already come forward with the films Bangarraju, and Brahmastram' this year, impressed with 'The Ghost'.

In last year's 'Wild Dog' action thriller, Nagarjuna N.I.A. He acted as an officer. Even if the film did not achieve commercial success, the film proved that Nagarjuna is fully fit even at this age. At the beginning of this year, he played a full romantic role as 'Bangarraju' and impressed the mass audience. Akkineni's fans were a bit disappointed as he played a guest role in 'Brahmastram'. The film 'The Ghost' has come as a Dussehra gift to fill that gap.

Interpol officers Vikram (Nagarjuna) and Priya (Sonal Chauhan) have a good understanding. Both of them succeed in an operation in East Arabia. Another operation undertaken by both of them who are in a live-in relationship will fail. Terrorists brutally kill a child belonging to an Indian family. Vikram, who is already mentally disturbed, resigns from his job. 

Angry that he is not listening to her, Priya comes to Mumbai and joins the NCB. Five years pass like this. Then one day Vikram gets a call from Anu (Gul Panag) from India. She tells Vikram that her life is at risk and some people are threatening to kill her daughter. Vikram suddenly lands in Ooty. Along with standing by Anu, he also shoulders the responsibilities of her daughter's security. 

What is the relationship between Vikram and Anu? Why did he risk his life for her? What are the consequences if corporates join hands with the underworld? How did Priya, who was away from Vikram for five years, reach his side again? Why did Ari's community feel as if they saw a ghost when they saw Vikram? This movie is the answer to all these!

As mentioned earlier, Pinde played similar roles for Nagarjuna. In the meantime, he acted in 'Officer' directed by Ram Gopal Varma, and recently in 'Wild Dog'. But it is slightly different from those two movies. Director Praveen Sattaru has mixed a little romance and a little more family sentiment in this, instead of just giving priority to action. It would have been a routine action thriller if only the underworld theme had been taken. 

But adding corporate crime to it is good. In fact, Praveen Sattaru has touched on these two aspects separately in his last two projects. Five years ago, 'Garudavega' was arrested by N.I.A. Praveen made the web series 'Levant Hour' against the background of last year's corporate crime. So.. Mixing these two together is just a cakewalk for this project. 

But Nagarjuna prefers action scenes keeping in mind the body language and romantic songs so as not to disappoint Akkineni fans. So fans and the masses will feel happy about this movie. He also designed sentimental scenes to impress the family audience. They are fine. And the twist given in the climax makes everyone happy.

Nagarjuna is well set in Vikram's character. He looked stylish in action scenes as well. What is special is that Sonal Chauhan, who has been carrying the glamor doll image for a long time, is impressive in this as well as in the action scenes. Gul Panag as the head of a corporate firm and Anikha Surendran as her daughter are well acted. Villain Manish Chaudhary has a good screen presence. 

Among the other lead cast only Jayaprakash, Srikanth Iyengar and Ravi Varma are well known, the rest are new to the Telugu screen!! The romantic song tune given by Bharat and Saurabh is good. Also, Mark K Robin's background music and Mukesh's cinematography are impressive. The action scenes directed by Dinesh Subbarayan and Ketch are good. 

But.. more care should have been taken in the matter of editing. It seems that Kamal Haasan's 'Vikram', who came recently, was the inspiration for the scenes where Vikram takes a heavy gun and wreaks havoc when the film is thought to be over. The audience already knows what Vikram is, so there is no need for too much anarchy in the climax.

Plus points

  • Selected backdrop
  • Stylish Making
  • Production values

Minus points

  • Characterization of the hero
  • Flashback to the routine
  • Opening scenes

Rating: 3 /5

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