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Retelling an old story anew is a skill. Some of the new directors are mastering this skill. Taking a small point and weaving a fresh screenplay around it, they are making hits. 'Swathimutyam' director Laxman K Krishna has also followed the same path. He has taken a classic title as 'Swathi Mutyam Movierulz'. A point seen in some movies so far has been woven into the story. This is a movie that introduced Bellam Konda Ganesh as the hero. Produced by Sitara Entertainment.

And has the effort of the director who wanted to tell the old story a new one succeeded? Ganesh's first success? Balamurali Krishna alias Bala (Bellam Konda Ganesh) is a junior engineer in the Electricity Department. Very nice.Swathi Mutyam type.

Father Venkatrav (Rao Ramesh) looks after the child's marriage relationship due to some reasons some relationships fail. Bala sees Bhagyalakshmi (Varsha Bollamma) as part of his wedding looks. Love at first sight. Bhagyalakshmi also likes Bala. Elders in the house make tambulas. The marriage is fixed. On the wedding day, Bala's life takes an unexpected turn. Shailaja (Divya Sripada) comes with a nine-month-old baby and says in front of everyone that Bala is the father of the baby. 

Bala admits that he is the father of the baby. Both families are shocked. Actually... Who is Shailaja? Why does Bala, the father of a child, love Bhagyalakshmi and why does he get ready to marry her? Why does a boy like Swathimuthyam Movierulz do such a thing? Who is that babu? In the end, we have to see the end of Bala's story on the screen.

Stories are not born anywhere. Existing stories should be told anew. New director Laxman followed this new route. He succeeds in making an old point new. There have been many films on 'Surogasi' from 'Welcome Obama' by legendary music director Srinivasa Rao to 'Mimi' which came out recently. Vicky Donor was also remade in Telugu. 

Director Laxman has shown this point in a very new and fresh way as 'Swathimuthyam' without boring anywhere. The movie starts with a lot of freshness. Bala goes to see a wedding. On the same night, Bala's younger brother jumped over the wall and met the bride's sister. As a bonus, he leaves the bike there. The boy, who went with his father to the upcoming wedding, comes to know about it. He eats four scoldings with his father and comes with his head down. 

This scene is very close to today. Only then will the audience own those characters. The scenes that take place in Bala's office and the humor that emerges from them are also very enjoyable. The director has written the journey between Bala and Bhagya Lakshmi very fresh. Their chemistry is cozy throughout. And before the interval, the director comes into the original story.

But the director knows that this point is not new. That's why he focused on getting entertainment from the other characters. Goparaju introduced the role of Ramana in the role of 'Pedda Manish' and brought Rao Ramesh to the front line and designed the screenplay hilariously. It worked out very well. In fact, there is nothing left to tell the original story in the second half of this movie. 

If the hero tells what happened to him, the story ends there. But no one is ready to listen to what the hero has to say. A second-half run on this point is not easy. But the director's intelligence should be appreciated in this matter. Comparison of surrogacy sages with sages, Subbaraju's wedding looks, Goparaju's old age, Rao Ramesh's mannerism... all these made the movie tough and all the scenes written by the director exploded. 

The way the movie ends is also impressive. Expect miracles from some movies. It is enough to pass comfortably as long as you see it. Swatimutyam is a movie that runs smoothly. This is Ganesh's screen debut. He has no image. That's why this story is right, its screen presence is good. What kind of stories will he choose in the future? Ganesh's career depends on it. For the first movie.. he scored pass marks. Directors can write stories keeping him in mind. Varsha Bollamma is beautiful. Convinced in her role. Rao Ramesh and Goparaju Ramana are the second heroes of this movie.

Wonderfully done. All the fun is theirs. Subbaraju's scenes exploded. Character artists have not seen the quality of the film in recent times. This movie can be taken as an example to tell how far even a simple story can go if the right artists are involved. Especially Rao Ramesh... crushed. Godavari's accent, his swagger, and body language make many scenes stand out. Divya Sripada D is the pivotal character. 

Vennela Kishore, Pragati, Naresh, and Surekha Vani have shown their experience and the rest of the actors have done well. Mahathi Swarasagar's music is decent. Nice background music. The camera work is neat. Each frame is colorful. The production values ​​are in line with the story. The director's writing is the main strength of this movie. A lot of dialogues explode. The dialogue "This is the word of a big man" makes the entire theater laugh. The classic title Swathimutyam was taken for this movie. This is a movie that gives good entertainment without losing the classic title.

Rating 3/5

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