Sardar Movierulz: Watch Karthi's Sardar 2022 Telugu Movie Full Detailed Review


Sardar Movierulz: Karthi's latest spy thriller 'Sardaar' was released in theaters on Friday. Karthi, who received a historical blockbuster 20 days ago with 'Ponniyin Selvan: 1', this time came to the audience with a spy thriller. The expectations of the audience have increased tremendously as the trailer of this movie has been cut brilliantly. 

Karthi, who scored hits in Tamil with 'Viruman' and 'Ponniyin Selvan: 1', will score a hat-trick if 'Sardar' is also a hit. PS Mithran, who gave a super cyber thriller like 'Abhimanyudu' directed this movie. And did Karti get the hat trick he wanted?

Sardar Movierulz Story

Vijay Prakash (Karthi) is a police inspector. Since his childhood, the whole society has been harassing him that his father (Maro Karti) is a traitor. With this, he becomes the 'Face of AP Police' by doing every little work to prove himself as a good person. On the other hand, a private company called Oasis Water Technologies will launch a project called 'One Country One Pipeline' to supply water to the whole of India through a pipeline. 

A social activist (Laila) tries to stop this. But suddenly one day she dies. It is known that he is a traitor. With this, his son (Ritvik) becomes an orphan. Vijay Prakash decides to solve this case somehow. Who is behind the real Oasis company? Who was the spy Sardar who was branded as a traitor? You have to watch this movie to know all these things.


Analysis: Each director has different strengths. Rajamouli's strength is emotion, Shankar's strength is grandeur, and Rajkumar Hirani's strength is being able to say something so strong that everyone can understand it and laugh. Also Sardar director PS Mithran also has a strength. Same detailing. Mitran's specialty is to speak about the topic he wants to talk about without discussing it superficially and leaving it to be understood thoroughly. 

Mithran, who made films like Abhimanyudu on technology and Hero (Shakti in Telugu) on the education system, this time chose water, one of the Panchabhutas, as the plot. That is why he concentrated on selling water instead of water pollution and factories. Water that was once free is now being bought and drunk. 

From the situation of drinking any water without fear, we have come to the days of drinking only mineral water. He touched on such frightening truths in this movie. After seeing Abhimanyu, many people were afraid to use smartphones. Also, after watching this movie, you will think of drinking bottled water.

He added a spy background to the water-selling concept and made the movie more interesting. 'We have created a rumor that poison is mixed in the pond that supplies water to 400 villages. Do they drink the water of that pond? Dialogues like 'If you put the same water in a bottle and put a lid on it, you will pay more and buy it' reflects the current situation.


The movie starts with a funny show of Karthi doing small things for publicity. The hunt for Sardar, Laila's fight against the water companies, and Karti's tracks run parallel for a while. Until then, the movie goes on like time pass. The story turns serious when Laila's fight joins Sardar's hunt. 

And since the death of Laila's character comes to Karthi, the movie goes racy. The scenes where Karti sees himself in Laila's son, who is branded as a traitor, are emotional. Sardar's character introduction fight before the interval takes the movie graph to a new high.

In the second half, some scenes and songs in the flashback of Sardar's character hinder the progress of the story. But after the flashback, the movie picks up again. The scenes of Sardar returning to the country and finding out who his real enemy is are racy. From there the film takes a full action track. PS Mitran's mark detailing is also seen in the action scenes. The highlight is connecting the dialogue to the climax which is not even mentioned anywhere in the film.

Background music by GV Prakash Kumar is a big plus point for this movie. Jeevee took the action and emotional scenes to the next level. Reuben's editing should have been sharper. Some scenes in flashback can be trimmed. The cinematography by George C. Williams is impressive. You can tell by looking at the visuals that Prince Pictures has made this film without any expense spared.

And when it comes to actors... the role of Sardar is really a challenge for Karthi. Karthi is seen in many getups in this. It's hard to find time for makeup for all the getups. But Karthi lived up to the role of an aging Sardar. The characters of the two heroines do not have much scope in the story. Chunky Pandey who appeared in a negative shade showed the villainy well. The rest of the cast did justice to their roles.

Overall... This is a must-watch movie for those who love action thriller and spy genre movies. But after watching this movie, you will definitely be scared to drink bottled water.

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