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Prabhas posted that the movie 'Kantara' (Kantara Telugu Movie) is a must-watch in theatres. Vijay Kiragandur, who is producing 'Salar' with him and produced pan India hits like 'Kjeef', is the latest film produced by Hombale Films. The Kannada version was released on September 30. It was appreciated by the audience. Now the movie is released in Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi languages ​​today. How is this movie (Kantara Movie Review Telugu)?

Story (Kantara Story): A town. A few years ago, the king gave the land to the people in that village, which was thought to be a forest. Instead, Uri takes the Lord to their house. But... while the king's son tries to take back the property given by his father, he bleeds to death on the steps of the court. If cut... After some years the forest officer (Kishor) surveys that the land is part of the reserve forest and it is occupied by the people of the village. 

In the village, the youth Siva (Rishabh Shetty) and the forest officer also have quarrels. Shiva believes that they have the royal family and Devendra (Achyut Kumar) who measures the whole town as a ruler. But... what did Devendra do? Who killed Gurava, a deva dancer (a person who dresses up as a god and speaks the words of God to the people) in the village? When did Shiva get to know someone's personality? Why is he having nightmares? What did God do to save the village and the people of the village? You have to watch the movie to know.

Kantara Movierulz

Analysis (Kantara Movierulz Review): Every Friday more than one movie hits the theatres. But... only a few movies stand out from all the others. It gives us the feeling of watching a new movie. They take us to a new world. They let us know that everyone who worked for the film gave their life and work. One such film is 'Kantara: Legend'.

If you tell the story of 'Kantara' with two or three lines... 'Os! Is that all? What's new in this?' may seem The story of 'Kantara' is about the descendants trying to reclaim the land given to the people by their ancestors, but God standing in the way of those efforts. But... Rishabh Shetty's way of telling this story surprises us at every step.

The opening of 'Kantara' takes us into a new world. The reason for that is not the story or the narration... the nativity, the music, the cinematography. Kantara is a story born from Kannada soil. The beauty of the deva dancer is stunning. Each character was born from the story. Tracks and characters are not written separately for comedy. What are the characters like in jungle villages? How to behave? Showed and laughed. The combination of forest background and legend is good.

If you look at the story... it is not new as mentioned before. There are some such stories. It is not difficult to guess the twist in the story. The audience can imagine the character as fraud under the guise of goodness. After the interval, the story slows down a bit. It was taken slowly in the name of detailing. Another minus is that the love story between the hero and heroine is like a love story in average movies. What is the girl falling in love with for giving a job? But... after that, Saptami Gowda's performance is good in the role of being torn between the job and the village.

Kantara Movierulz

Rishabh Shetty has shown more talent as a director than as a storyteller. Music Director Ajanish Loknath, Cinematographer Arvind S. The best output was taken from Kashyap. The stunt choreography is also good. The music in every fight and song is superb. Ajaneesh plays new music in the background. Build values ​​are good. are at a higher level. Hombale Films is creating a standard.

How did the actors do? : Everyone did justice to their roles in the movie. Excellent acting. But... after leaving the theatre, the audience will remember none other than Rishabh Shetty. The whole movie is a step up... Rishabh Shetty's performance in the key scenes is another step up. 

He showed the universe in a way that no one else could do that scene. Saptami Gowda's performance as Rishabh Shetty's pair is very natural. Achyut Kumar and Kishore once again showed their talent. A lot of actors register in the hero gang, from the guy who looks feminine... to the guy who looks serious on the outside despite the fear inside.

What is the final say? : Rishabh Shetty Vishvarupam 'Kantara: Legend'. His performance as a hero and some scenes shot by him as a director will be remembered by the audience for years. They appear before the eyes. 

Even though the story is set in Kannada Nativity... the emotions will appeal to the audience of all languages. The music is good. This is a must-watch movie in theatres. It is an average film till the climax... The credit for taking it to another level goes to the flagship scene and Rishabh Shetty's performance in it. Don't miss the climax. Don't come out after winning the title.

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