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Jhansi Web Series starring Anjali and Chandini Chowdary in lead roles. Anjali's action avatar caught the attention of the audience. This is a web series released on Disney Plus Hotstar (Hotstar Original Jhansi) OTT. It is made in the background of women trafficking, violence against children, and the mafia. How is this series? (Jhansi Review)

Jhansi Movierulz Web Series Story

Jhansi (Anjali) and Sankeet (Adarsh ​​Balakrishna) live together. But... the original name of Jhansi is not Jhansi. Six years ago, Sankeet was seen in Kerala. Forgetting the past, he brings her with him and treats her like gold. In between, Jhansi remembers some incidents like nightmares. 

what are they Who is Modar (Rudra Pratap) who attacked Jhansi before forgetting the past? What is the connection between overseas mafia don Caleb (Raj Vijay) and his sidekick Barbie (Chandini Chaudhary) and Jhansi? Actually, what is the original name of Jhansi? What is the past? What did Jhansi learn in an attempt to know the past? what did You have to watch the web series?


Analysis (Jhansi Web Series Telugu Review): It is said by the filmmakers that stories and many things that cannot be told in movies can be told in OTT. Because... length is not a problem in OTT. The story can be told interestingly for hours. Old stories can be retold. When it comes to 'Jhansi'... this is not a new story. Nothing new was said. Somewhat curious!

Women trafficking, mafia, child abuse, divorce, women abandoning husband and children because the job is important, blackmailing girls, acid attacks... have already been seen by the audience in some movies. Even in the Hollywood series! Director Thiru brought them all into one series. They wanted to tell those stories in turns. He was not entirely successful in that regard.

Some scenes are seen somewhere. Even those twists are nothing new. Some characters do not understand the changes that come from existing. A young man who tries to fight for justice in the court...changes when he is beaten by criminals who get away with fame and money. He steps towards violence. 

A change in the role of Mumaith Khan, who has stood up to anarchy for many years! The director took a lot of liberties. They followed the escape route leaving aside logic. Leave aside the police investigation. They showed that it is too easy to kill. They showed that the police were there.


Although the start of the series is a bit interesting...then it feels stretched. There is a feeling of twisting the story without telling the real story. None of the subplots between the main story and the main story are interesting. Anjali's character is similar to that of Lady Ghajini. That word was also said in the series. When it comes to technical stuff...everyone did well. Sreecharan Pakala's background music goes along with the story. The cinematography is good.

How did the actors do? : Anjali is the perfect choice for Jhansi's character. Jhansi has different shades. Anjali has shown every emotion, the desire to know what the past is, the desire not to let the co-habitant know anything, and the quality of not being able to bear injustice to a girl. Lived as Jhansi. Above all, especially the action episodes are well done. 

Chandni Chaudhary appeared on screen for a short time. Her look is different and good. Sharpshooter's role in the mafia is understandable. However... how he got into the mafia is yet to be revealed. Adarsh ​​Balakrishna was seen in the role of an ideal father and husband. Mumaith Khan's look and her performance in that character will surprise and shock the audience. She looked settled in a different look to her image. The rest have adapted to their roles. No surprise rolls.

What is the final say? : To talk about 'Jhansi' in one piece... She is a Lady Ghazini! This is a commercially packaged web series! Already in the series, they have brought the elements that we have seen in some movies. A lot of things have to be told in one story. Anjali's acting, production values, ​​and Sricharan Pakala's background music are good. 

Up to the first three episodes, I will be interested to see what happens next. After that, the interest slowly fades. The feeling of telling an old story starts. Apart from introducing new characters in the story, why did close friends Jhansi and Barbie go in different directions? is not shown. The audience will have to wait till season 2 for that main twist.

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