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Ginna Movierulz

Manchu Vishnu Ginna Movierulz Review: Manchu Vishnu Ginna Movie released on October 21. Manchu Vishnu's film with sisters like Payal Rajput and Sunny Leone created a good buzz. But this movie has now come before people. And how is this movie? Did Ginna join Manchu Vishnu who was desperate for a hit? Let's see how much this movie has impressed the audience.

Ginna Movierulz Story

Ginna entire story takes place in the background of Rangampet in the Chandragiri district of Chittoor. Gali Nageswara Rao alias Ginna (Manchu Vishnu) borrows money and puts up a tent house in the village. If he puts up a tent house, marriages will stop. The situation of the tent house will be like this as the debt increases. At the same time, Renuka (Sunny Leone) arrives in town claiming to be her childhood friend. Ginna's situation will change with that. 

Debts will be paid off. Ginna's wish to become the President will also be fulfilled. But Ginna, who is ready to marry Renuka, what is his plan with his beloved Pachalla Swati (Payal Rajput)? What is the twist given by Renuka who is speechless? Who is Ruby D'Souza in this story? Who was Renuka who came for Ginna? How did Ginna finally save his beloved Swati? is the story.

Ginna Movierulz


Manchu Vishnu played the role of Ginna very easily. So far he has done many such comedy action entertainer films. This made Ginna role very easy for Vishnu. But this time Vishnu surprised everyone with his steps. He was impressed with his style in action and comedy. 

Payal Rajput impresses with her beauty. Sunny Leone will surprise everyone. Apart from giving what is expected from her, she also gave an excellent performance. Saddam, Vennela Kishore and Chammak Chandra's characters as comedians will make you laugh throughout the film. Naresh, Raghubabu, Annapoornamma and others have been impressed.


Ginna story does not seem new at all. Even the screenplay could not be rewritten. The story and stories are going according to the imagination. In the first half, the whole story goes on in a lighter way. It doesn't feel like a jerk anywhere. A comedy, a song, or a fight is going on in a strict commercial format. People can sense the twist given in the interval scene.

Ginna movie does not seem new. That's not too boring. So far many movies have come out in this format. All the movies seem to be thrown together. Chammak Chandra as Rakesh Master and Vennela Kishore as Mysore Babji in the second half. Succeeded in cultivating comedy. The track was well worked out.

Ginna Movierulz

Sunny Leone surprises everyone in acting. The character written for her, and the way the character is portrayed seems okay. Dropped the line for part 2 too. Will you really make a sequel? That should be seen. At the beginning of the second half, it becomes clear how the story will climax. It feels more boring when it comes to the pre-climax. But in the end, Sunny Leone designed the action sequence well.

Manchu Vishnu's dialogues seemed counter to some trollers. If you troll me, it's okay, but if my family gets involved, the dialogue on the presidential elections and the dialogues said by Saddam during Manchu Vishnu's intro seemed like counters to the trollers. Technically Ginna doesn't seem to mind. Music by Anup Rubens, background score sounds okay. Camera, editing, art department, everything seems to be okay. The cost for the film was according to Ginna's level.

Bottom line : Ginna.. Sunny Leone Minna than Manchu Vishnu

Rating: 2.5

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