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Sita Ramam Movierulz

Sita Ramam: Dulquer Salmaan, who was introduced to the silver screen as Malayalam superstar Mammootty's son, and acted in his own style in a short time, became known as the father's son. Impressing the audience with intense looks and cute expressions, he has earned millions of fans. Although he is a Malayalam hero, he also got close to the Telugu audience with his unique acting.

After 'Mahanati', this romantic hero's direct Telugu film 'Seetharaman'. Ever since the Vyjayanthi Movies banner announced this film, everyone has been interested in the love story of Sita and Ram. The recently released teaser, trailer and songs not only got good talk, but also raised the expectations of the movie. 

Apart from that, the promotions were also organized in a grand manner, in which Pan India Star Prabhas and Rowdy Star Vijay Devarakonda were part of the film, creating hype on 'Sitaharam'. To what extent has the audience accepted this film which was released on Friday (August 5) amid huge expectations? How is Sita and Ram's love story? Let's see in the review.

Sita Ramam Movierulz
Sita Ramam

The story is..

The entire story of 'Sitaram' is set in 1965 and 1985. Afrin (Rashmika) is the granddaughter of a Pakistani army officer (Sachin Khedkar). When she returns from staying in London, her grandfather dies. There is a letter in the house. It is a letter written by Indian soldier Lieutenant Ram (Dulquer Salmaan) 20 years ago. 

He entrusts Afrin with the responsibility of delivering it to Sita Mahalakshmi who is staying in Hyderabad. That was grandfather's last wish. Apart from love for her grandfather, Afrin is going to Hyderabad with the letter as there is a condition that she will not get even a chilli pod from the property unless she gives the letter to Sita Mahalakshmi. Starts searching for Sita. In this process she gets to know new things about Sita and Ram.

Lt Ram is an orphan. Except working for the country..there is no one like him. Such a person will receive a letter one day. It was a letter written by Sita Mahalakshmi. Ram falls in love with her after reading the unaddressed letters. One day he meets Sita. Friendship between the two..and then love is born. Sita comes to Kashmir from Hyderabad to hide a secret for Ram. 

While they are happy together, they get separated due to some reason. What is Sita's hidden secret? Who is Sita? Why did Ram's letter for Sita stop in Pakistan? Did Afrin give that letter to Sita or not? What's in it? What is the relationship between Afrin and Ram? If you want to know about these things, you have to watch the movie 'Sitaram'.

Sita Ramam Movierulz
Sita Ramam

How is it..

Hanu Raghavapudi is a specialist in sensible love stories. No matter what the results of the films directed by him are, he is known to handle the love story well. Now he has repeated the same magic with 'Seetharam'. A beautiful love story connected with war has been screened in an equally beautiful way. He showed a beautiful love story on the screen by combining two different backgrounds of love and war with Uttaram.

The story starts with the point of how Pakistani terrorists are wreaking havoc in Kashmir. But as the makers have been advertising from the beginning that this is a love story film, all the interest of the audience will be on the love story of Ram and Sita. When Sita starts writing letters to Ram, the pace of the story picks up.

Ram going to Hyderabad for Sita.. their journey there.. Ram meeting everyone who wrote letters to him.. Without knowing this, the first half ends. Vennela Kishore and Sunil tried to cultivate comedy in between but it didn't work out. And the interval twist is exciting. In the second half, the audience will be more interested in how Sita and Ram's love story will unfold. The second half will be just as interesting. While carrying the love story, he directed the second half adding some emotional scenes in between.

Ram going to a sister who wrote letters to him..seeing her condition and taking that responsibility on himself is heart touching. And the second aspect of the army officer Vishnu Sharma (Sumanth) is also interesting. He gave a good explanation in the second half of why he gave so much importance to the Kashmir riots and war at the beginning of the film. Also the ending given by Afrin's character is also impressive. 

Sita Ramam Movierulz
Sita Ramam

The director has succeeded in using every character in the movie perfectly. Although the first half was a bit slow, in the second half he led emotionally and showed a new love story. This is a pure love story film without any obscenity.

Who did it?

Dulquer Salmaan played the role of Lt. Ram. Looking good on the screen, he impressed with his speaking style and yakking. Dulquer acted as a perfect choice for this role. He also acted brilliantly in emotional scenes. Mrinal did justice to the role of Sita. She looked beautiful on screen. She also acted well in emotional scenes. Rashmika as Afrin, a religiously mad and arrogant girl.

The ending given to her character in the climax is surprising. Sumat is one of the best characters in this movie. Sumanth impressed with his performance as army officer Vishnu Sharma. His character was shown to be suspicious from the beginning.. and raised the curiosity of the audience. Bhumika will be seen as his wife. But there is not much scope in her role. Along with Tarun Bhaskar as Gopal, Prakash Raj and Gautham Menon as army chiefs impressed with their respective roles.

As far as technology is concerned.. Vishal Chandrasekhar's music is another major strength of this movie. He has provided excellent background music along with excellent songs. He not only raised the level of visuals with his own BGM, but also made us connect emotionally. Cinematographer PS Vinod's performance is superb. Each frame is beautifully displayed on the screen. 

Sita Ramam Movierulz
Sita Ramam

He showed the beauty of Kashmir. He made the audience immersed in the story by providing amazing visuals. Editing by Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao is fine. The production values ​​of Vyjayanthi Movies are suitable for the level of the movie.

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