Macherla Niyojakavargam (2022) Nithin's New Telugu Movie Review

Macherla Niyojakavargam Movierulz,Macharla Niyojakavargam Movierulz
Macherla Niyojakavargam

Macherla Niyojakavargam Movie 2022 starring Nithiin as the protagonist. Krithi Shetty (Krithi Shetty) acted as the heroine. Editor SR Sekhar (MS Rajasekhar Reddy) made his directorial debut with this film. How is this movie released today?

Story (Macherla Niyojakavargam Story): Macherla Rajappa (Samudrakhani) made the law! He is the kingdom! In Machar's constituency, he will become an MLA unanimously without allowing elections to take place for 30 years. He kills the Collector (IAS) who came to conduct the elections. After that, Siddharth Reddy (Nithin) comes as the collector of the Guntur district. Sidhu steps in for the girl Swathi (Kriti Shetty), whom he has fallen in love with before the actual posting. 

Rajappa beats his son. What did Siddharth Reddy do after taking charge as District Collector? What happened to his efforts to hold elections in Machar? What did Rajappa do? In this story, what are the roles of Siddharth Reddy's neighbor Guru (Vennela Kishore) in Hyderabad city and Nidhi (Catherine), the minister's daughter who tries to marry the hero? You have to watch the movie to know.

Analysis (Macherla Niyojakavargam Movie Review In Telugu): There is nothing wrong with thinking that the protagonist should be portrayed in a commercial way. But, one has to admire the guts of the director who decided to run the film for two and a half hours with a story that is not even a bit new among those commercial mass elements. Maybe... if a film was made with this story ten or fifteen years ago, it would have been popular!?

Macherla Niyojakavargam Movierulz,Macharla Niyojakavargam Movierulz
Macherla Niyojakavargam

Ten minutes into the opening, clarity emerges as to what 'Macher's constituency' looks like. The hero says that he sees her as a friend but does not love her even though the heroine is chasing him... Then he sees another girl on the beach and falls in love... Beating the villains for her... MS Rajasekhar Reddy, who wrote the story without going far from the routine commercial formula, has made the film very routine. If you watch the fights, songs, and scenes... they are like those seen somewhere in the already hit commercial movies. Anjali's special song 'Raa Raa Reddy' is a bit of a no-brainer. The cinematography is good.

How did the actors do? : Nitin Mas made films. He has a huge mass hit like 'Sy' in his career. Fights were done in Love and Family Entertainers. However... in 'Macharla Constituency' they have done what is required for a purely commercial film. Dances and fights were done. Punch dialogues. But nothing new was done. Kriti Shetty, Catherine... Both the heroines are characters like curry leaves in a curry. 

Macherla Niyojakavargam Movierulz,Macharla Niyojakavargam Movierulz
Macherla Niyojakavargam

There seems to be important in the story. It is as if they are the cause of the clash between the hero and the villain. However... there is no novelty in their roles and acting. 'Vennela' Kishore was seen in the role of Guru as a man with an ego. He got more screen space than the hero in the first half. The comedy works out in some scenes but is boring in the majority of the scenes.

Samudrakhani did a dual role. Even a talented artist like him did nothing but shout loudly and deliver heavy dialogues. The director did that with him. Murali Sharma, Rajendra Prasad, Indraja, Subhalekha Sudhakar, Brahmaji... many actors will appear in the film. All are routine scenes. So no one got a chance to show their uniqueness.

What is the final say? : 'Macharla Constituency' is a routine mass commercial movie. Nothing new at all. Even the audience who loves commercial movies needs a little patience to watch this movie. No matter how much Nitin tried... even he could not sustain this film.

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