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Do you want to get on a bullet train full of assassins? Well, get your ticket for Bullet Train, David Leitch's new movie with which you're going to have a blast. Premiere on August 5, 2022.

We're kicking off the month of August at full speed thanks to Bullet Train, It is, in fact, one of the most outstanding films of the summer and we really wanted to sink our teeth into it for obvious reasons.

The first one, which is endorsed by the David Leitch label has performed wonderfully with titles like Atomic, Deadpool 2 or the Fast & Furious spin-off focused on Hobbs & Shaw. He is a great specialist in shooting action scenes and here is a golden opportunity to show off his skills.

The second is that this co-production between the United States and Japan has brought together a magnificent international cast headed by the best Brad Pitt (who has been dazzling us with more heterodox roles), Aaron Taylor-Johnson, and Hiroyuki Sanada and Michael Shannon, among others.

A true cast that brings shine to a script written by Zak Olkewicz (producer of Never turn off the light and head of the bookseller of La Calle del terror part 2: 1978) based on the novel by Kôtarô Isaka "Bullet Train", to the sale in Spain through the publishing house Destino.

What is the movie about?

Bullet Train introduces us to a murderer who begins to think about giving his life a change. His code name is Ladybug and his mission is to get on the bullet train, swipe a briefcase with unknown contents, and get out of there without causing too much of a stir.

However, a streak of bad luck seems to have him doomed. After several jobs that have gone off the rails, he is convinced that he has a moral duty to finish his task peacefully, but that will be complicated considering that they are accompanying him on his journey. the professional assassins Limón and Mandarina and some adversaries are considered the deadliest on the planet.

Ladybug is still not aware of this situation so, before stepping on the bullet train, he decides to supply himself with non-lethal and unconventional weapons such as sleeping pills and avoids keeping a revolver that he will end up missing a lot...

Relentless rhythm crossed stories and a magnificent climax

If you like action movies in which setting and physical comedy are essential (like the one Jackie Chan has been practicing for years), Bullet Train is going to be delicious for you.

It's highly imaginative, agile, and full of memorable characters with extraordinary moments. The wildest whiplash, yes, is reserved for the last third of the film when all the conflicts hatch and the plot goes completely crazy using all the baits that had been launched previously: from poisonous snakes to great revelations.

There is action, yes, but there is also suspense, some drama, and black humor that makes this film Deadpool's first cousin (without so much eschatology).

Additionally, we have the characters "bottled" in a limited space and on a journey of a specific duration so that, except for the explanatory flashbacks, almost the entire footage takes place in mandatory confinement.

This is not an obstacle for Bullet Train to use its imagination to create amazing set pieces, fully exploiting the dramatic, spatial, and lighting possibilities of a train of the latest generation: there is fun with the silent car, jokes with the prohibitive snacks that the staff sells of the company and even slaps in the cafeteria.

The shooting in the studio has allowed for a meticulous control of the production design, the artistic direction, and the photography in which there is no lack of neon lights and calls to traditional and current Japanese culture, more as an aesthetic framework than as a plot background.

In short, Bullet Train is light entertainment but very ingenious and fun: a success for the summer season. Saving some character whose presence is somewhat inflated and weighs down the first impasses of the film, the rest of the sequences flow at full speed towards a hilarious and throbbing ending of surprises, encounters, and fringes. Everything is well spun!

ASSESSMENT: Leitch takes advantage of an infallible formula for the summer: action, humor, and a cast in a state of grace in which Brad Pitt, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Michael Shannon are out.

THE BEST: The hooligan tone: it is the perfect combination of humor and bloody action; a hilarious prank that flies by despite its length.

WORST: The entire Bud Bunny arc is shoehorned in and is the only block that makes the movie's pacing falter.

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