Bimbisara (2022) Telugu Movie Review

Bimbisara: Fantasy films and time travel movies are always interested to the audience. It is no exaggeration to say that if it is magically made with a strong story, it will create wonders at the box office. But there are very few films in Telugu based on fantasy and time travel. It should be said that it has not come recently. Films like `Aditya 369' with fantasy and `24' with time travel came. After many days, hero Kalyan Ram did an experiment with 'Bimbisara'. 

It is a film in which he changed his path after a series of failures. It is directed by debut director Vashishta. Samyukta Menon and Catherine Theresa acted as heroines. ``Bimbisara'' produced by Harikrishna K under the banner of NTR Arts released in theaters on August 5. And how is the movie, is it a comeback movie for Kalyan Ram? Or disappointed? Let's find out in the review (Bimbisara Review).


Bimbisara (Kalyanram), the ruler of the Trigartala kingdom in the fifth century, was the cruelest king. He laments that he has no opponent, that those who oppose him have not yet been born, that he is the king of the people in his kingdom, and that he is a monster. With the aim of expanding the kingdom, he wars and invades the neighboring kingdoms. He destroys everyone who gets in his way. 

He kills his own younger brother Devadatta (Kalyan Ram) with the intention of opposing his authority. He kills the king of the neighboring kingdom who turned against him and keeps his daughter Princess Ira (Catherine) for himself. On the other hand, he attacks and burns the temple where Ayurveda is said to have saved his enemy's life. 

There he kills the teacher who cursed him and a girl. But due to a magic, Bimbisara unexpectedly arrives in the 21st century. And what is the change in Bimbisarudi when it comes to today's time? Who then ruled the empire of Trigartala? How did the dead brother survive, how did the baby he killed save his life? What did the Ayurvedic guru curse him? What is the reason for the change in him? What happened in the end is the rest of the story.


It is a film about how the ego of having power and strength ends a man, how it haunts the generations, and the real success is to let go of the ego. However, by combining history and the present, the film ``Bimbisara'' was made with the concept of time travel. Unless the backdrop chosen is new, the story is not new. 

But the way of running both parallel to the time of Trigarthala kingdom and today is impressive. It can be said to be a new generation of screenplay in the films that have come out so far. Director Vashishta directed the film very convincingly in this regard. The fantasy elements are brilliantly screened. In this, the family sentiment is the connecting point for the audience.

At the same time, it should be said that the director has succeeded in making the entire film entertaining, not only in the old times, but also in today's times. But the story itself seemed routine. In the first part, the story goes smoothly. Confusion increased in the second half. It becomes routine and boring. In the end, the climax also ended as a routine. 

Apart from this, there is no strong character in the movie except Kalyan Ram. Background score and songs are a plus. Apart from this, Kalyan Ram in the role of Raju was not convincing. There is a feeling of relief in the matter of Aadhyam. His dual role is a surprising element for the fans. It is no exaggeration to say that the action episodes will bring a lot of fun to the fans.

Being a fantasy film, logic is missing in many elements. Lack of a strong villain is also a big minus of the movie. There is no priority for heroines' roles. If more care is taken in these matters, the result of the movie can be on another level. Overall, it can be said that it is a movie that can be enjoyed for a while in the theater at this time.


Kalyan Ram in the role of Bimbisara is universal. As a king, it can be said that the actor in him came out while being molded as a common man in today's times. Expressions and cruelty were expressed with the eyes. He gave the best of his career carrying the entire film on his shoulders. 

The heroines Samyukta Menon and Catherine's roles are not given much importance. Samyukta Menon's role is forced. Besides these, the roles of Vivan, Ayyappa Sharma and Srinivas Reddy who were made as villains are not good. Prakash Raj, Rajeev Kanakala, Chammak Chandra and Brahmaji seemed okay in terms of their roles.


Visually grander. Trigarthala Rajyam episodes are short, but most of the graphics work feels light. More care should be taken in that regard. The strength of the film is the background score of songs and keeravani. BGM drives the movie. It became a big asset. Camerawork is good. The editing looks bad. Build values ​​are good. Although it is the director's debut film, Vashishta did a wonderful job. 

In no case does it feel like a film made by the director of the first film. The screenplay is the highlight of the movie. Otherwise, the result would have been better if they had taken care of the story and written something new. So now it remains a routine commercial movie mixed with fantasy and time travel.

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